Tip Finding Offers that make YOU Money.

This is not JUST for CPV and it can be applied to ALL marketing.

One of the powerful process’s that we can do in IM is split-testing, tracking & rotating.

What I am going to say is basic and said before, but I think worth saying again.

Now the way I used to test was find broad targets that would convert and then rotate offers to them.

Problem ?!

The best offers have pop-ups and exit pops and back-ends.


So, I re-engineered.

Here are the steps to open up the flood gates to all campaigns anywhere, anytime, any place.

It goes in 3 stages:

Each stage. Ignore what you spend until its time to not ignore it (more on that later)

Have an offer or niche in mind and some research done on it.
IE: visit sites, read forum CURRENT info, talk to AM, look at trends on ALEXA or Google Insight. Something that has some logical and duplicatable reason.

#1 Identify HIGH traffic target:
I assume you are using a top traffic source: If not? WHY NOT!

I have done this profitable on TV & LI as well as others.

I use aff-expert to scrap top Alexa urls for the niche/offer I am doing.
IE: walmart coupon

That will give me URLS that have high ranking and should have traffic, as well as relevant to the offer/vertical.

Then I pick any offer that will not violate the traffic source that is in alignment with the final offer I will run. Doenst matter from what network. I like EWA & NEVERBLUE with their large selections
IE: coupon offer with NO POP.

I then run the target urls and see what does traffic in the 1st 15min, 3hrs & 1st day.

Now you know what has traffic and it is related to your offer somewhat.

#2 Now that you have the high traffic target.
Come the HIGH CTR landingpage.

Go find landing pages for your offer. I wont go into scrapping and finding LP’s. There is enough on that in the forum.

Once you have ‘borrowed’ some LP’s.

Host & Set them up with a rotator [love besmirs] with tracking per lander on the high volume target (1) with the plain-jane offer (if you can do multi-variant you can jump right to testing offers AND LP’s. )
IE: each LP is its own link.

Subdomain hosting each LP is great idea.

Now let the traffic flow at a specific time that you did your target test.
I like noon.

The traffic will flow. The LP’s will rotate and after enough impressions you will see in tracking what is getting the clicks and what isnt.

Do not worry about conversions or money spent. It’s about getting data and the long range plan.

Now you have found your High CTR landing page.

I suggest you come up your own variations and test them so that you ‘OWN’ the landing page and are not a ‘thief’ but I wont preach morality unless you will pay me mucho dollars

#3 Now that you have the High CTR LP
Comes the Offers.

This is where it gets really fun

Make sure your main LP that u are using is setup up correctly for tracking.

Gather up all the offers that are in exact alignment with your target>LP.

Put those offer links in a rotator [again, thank you Besmir].

Put the rotator link in your LP.

And Like before.

Let the traffic flow at a specific time.

Again I like noon, but depending on the offer. 3am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm can all make sense. The secret is consistency & being methodical. If you tested your target at 3pm and your LP at noon and then offer at 6am. Well, you get the point.

And Yes, different days and times will give different results. So, if you want to be REALLY accurate pick 3 different days and re-test.

Now, just sit back and let the data come in.

I check after the 1st 15minutes and then every 15minutes up to an hour to get a feel for how fast traffic is coming in and then every hour until I feel I have enough data.

It doesnt really matter how much you spend. [OMG did I really say that?!]

What matters is finding what converts MORE than any other offer.

After that you can take your LP and offer all over the place. Finding the right cost traffic for your payout and CVR%.
Tweaking it where you need to get better results.
IE: have the target be part of the page, make the LP a foreign language and try intl., test new offers when they come out. Endless potential!

Yes, this can be expensive.

Yes, it is not perfect.

Yes, there are others ways that you can spend more time and money or less and be more specific.

This is just one model that works, not perfectly, not 100% of the time, but it does work.

Good Luck and May the Schwartz Be with You

User Comment:
I’m a little confused reading this! Maybe I read it wrong!

Call me a troll but, you say that this is to help find offers that make you money, but it seems to be more based on how to optimize landing pages no?

Also quiet a few offers with exit pops have non exit pop aff links. If not you can ask them to remove it a lot of the time.

Once again I could have read this wrong, my ADHD may have taken the best of me.

You’re saying get relevant targets with traffic, and then rotate some landers so you know which one has the best CTR, then rotate offers to see which one converts best??

User Comment:
I think he saying start with the traffic source and find ways to monetize it…. Or hes not saying that at all.

User Comment:
hmmmm, I even read it through a few times before posting.

Is everyone else confused too ?

User Comment:
Hey Phoenix, I know you said that LP spying have been discussed to death but I searched the forums and couldn’t find them. Can you elaborate on how to spy for LPs to test, or alternatively the terms to search for?

I tried LP spy, "landing page spy", landing page Scrapper, and a few others along that line.


User Comment:
This is an interesting inverse approach.

Instead of starting from choosing an offer => create a good LP => find a traffic source,
do the exact opposite

User Comment:
thank you.

you are correct.

it is inverse to many approaches.

here is the logic:

2 Biggest complaints in IM:
1. I dont have traffic
2. I dont know if what offer converts

This strategy is addressing both of those and creating control with the variables of the landing pages and what offer you find that converts.

The 1st largest traffic target you use to test on. May not get you +ROI, but that’s alright. This is about ‘flushing out’ what offers convert, find landing pages that get clicks and finding traffic that has volume. Measuring all of the pieces and being methodical.

You can get offers w/o pop-ups. I do it all the time, but this is about finding what offer converts the ‘best’

You can focus on optimizing LP, but this is about finding HIGH CTR% LP so that you can test ANY offer, not just limited to ones that you can remove pops + the added benefit of having an LP that can give you some longevity and portabilty as a side benefit to finding a great offer.

You still have to get CPM/CPC cheap enough and payout HIGH enough to get it to work, but that is a whole other thread. [ and I have campaigns to do ]

ADHD version:

In a way you can think of this as an NLP strategy to find offers since it is generative.

Not only do you find Great offers, you get Great LP’s and Traffic sources in the process.


User Comment:

I assume you are using a top traffic source: If not? WHY NOT!

good question! in your approach you just don’t care about conversions at the beginning but try to find out relevant traffic sources/kw/audience, right?

in "the normal" approach I would kill a high traffic target _if_ it does not get conversions. if I have traffic and no conversions this could mean:
– the offer is BS (not relevant etc.)
– the conversion page is BS (complicated etc.)
– BUT the lander/ad is good enough to get clicks…

i am a bit limited due to reason 1) loads of beer last night and reasen 2) lack of ability to properly express myself in a foreign language. so just skip this post if you are like "WTF"??

i have to think about that.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by phoenix


In a way you can think of this as an NLP strategy to find offers since it is generative.

Not only do you find Great offers, you get Great LP’s and Traffic sources in the process.


Did you already try this for PPC ?

User Comment:
in the distant past I have used this with PPC and Google/YAHOO/BING

recently with DISPLAY AD-BLADE, PULSE360

and I know this is also how someone did over $200K in PPV in 2mnths who reminded me of this process

and yes, THAT IS NET!

I think someone has already mentioned: "any traffic can convert with the right offer, ad and LP"

This is testable,measurable and methodical way to go about it.

you can still spy on campaigns, ask your AM, brain-storm for ideas.

But as some-one else said "if you really want to learn how to do IM. spend money"

User Comment:

Originally Posted by phoenix

in the distant past I have used this with PPC and Google/YAHOO/BING

Can you tell me if you used some variations to this method for that kind of traffic ?

Since i’m focusing on PPC at the moment, I have to tell that the reverse approach you described is best used in PPV, for what i’ve understood.

While for PPV i can simply target a website with low alexa rank (taking a look to ads/banners already running on that site),
for PPC i can’t go out to hunt for PPC visitors without first deciding a vertical.

User Comment:
yes, simple to do.

use google keywords for offer. lets say… dating.

the one of top search volume words with traffic IS … single [who would have thunk it]

so I would do the same process TO FIND LP & OFFER.

then test other keywords/ placements… whatever

Remember… this is about finding winner offers and LP, so you can adapt the rest of the steps to what traffic you are doing.

Later… I got massive action going on in 3 different ‘worlds’

User Comment:
2 things.

1. I forgot to mention with PPC you need to add in testing ADS once you find high traffic target and before you start testing various LP

2. I did this process yesterday with a new offer I have not run that is on all the networks in one form or another IE think walmart submits
I tested 10 offers across 6 networks. 1 of them I havent run in awhile and 2 brand new to my traffic and well established.

of the 10 offers ONLY 4 got conversions and 2 of those had conversions 2x the others (200% ROI) AND THIS was off high traffic target.

Sorry to say that if I had stayed ONLY with a few networks I have used in the past I would have missed out on some great oppurtunities AND with 4 offers converted well over 3 networks I can spread my conversions out so that if one network offer goes bad. I still have back ups.

Now, I am ‘porting’ the campaigns to other traffic sources.

"if you give people what they want it does not seem like you are even selling or convincing any more"

So, get out there and start methodically testing.

If you spend 10% of your total money on testing and the remaining 90% on what works
then take 70% of your income and put back into winning campaigns while testing new offers with the remaining 30% of your income.

You will scale well and avoid getting trapped. IE: the one offer and traffic source u rely upon stops working or existing.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by phoenix

I think someone has already mentioned: "any traffic can convert with the right offer, ad and LP"

I did on this forum, and you didnt even remember me. lol

User Comment:
no, i remember it was you ELIQUID… I just SUCK as using the ‘reply with quote’

AND YES you are!

Above is the process I have used to prove that "you are correct…SIR!"

btw. I just applied this to co-reg AND KILLING IT!


User Comment:
Nice tip here, you’re always coming in with the killers Phoenix

User Comment:
Good share

User Comment:
LOL. the best part is. I went from killing in co-reg to getting killed {ok thats not the best part}

what is… is that the offers I rotated tested BEFORE putting them on pathway is KILLING in conv (as Im sure a certain owner of a network on here can see)

now i have to just get the rest of the co-reg variables to ‘line-up’


p.s. I highly suggest a soft foam batt for yourself and computer when doing co-reg 😛

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