Tip FREE Squeeze Page Template (PSD)

Hey Everyone,

Made this squeeze page a while back and thought I’d donate it for all the beginners and pro’s alike.

Love this forum guys, just my small way of saying thanks!

Preview Here:

Download Here:

NOTE: Made in Photoshop CS4

I’ll be releasing more as time goes on if everyone likes 🙂

Take care guys and keep grindin,


User Comment:
Looks Killer! Thanks Ryan

User Comment:
Thanks mucho!

User Comment:
Welcome 🙂

Anything you guys would like to see added/changed?

User Comment:
Cheers Ryan looks great. I know people would love to see it sliced into html/css haha…that’s just getting cheeky.

User Comment:
I’ve been looking for something like this, thanks bro.

User Comment:
I’ll slice it up later today guys. 😉

For those of you with Site Grinder, it’s all setup for it! Grind away!

The Article Published IN 08-25-2011 02:00 AM

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