Tip If You Think Your Failing You Should Read This

Tip If You Think Your Failing You Should Read This

Today is story time at the unicorn ranch…..

wanted to share a story today about a recent offfer I ran….

I framed the headline in such a way to help those of us….who might be new to the biz and/or have been having some hard luck getting things going….

So I was running this gaming offer…..a very good looking offer

I did a few small tests on FB with the offer….things looked promising epcs looked decent…but ctrs were poor….so I did what any other aff would do go find some good images….dial in some targeting……and bam had a great image in the .4+ range more than enough to work with form a cpc basis…..

meanwhile I was doing some banners for a small media buy for this game…..I felt that this game could crank out some decent numbers if I got the placements right…..

so on sunday I relaunched some new ads on fb and the media buy……everything looked great…….ads took off well

I went to look at the conversions and to my surprise is was dead….like 0….kinda dead….after running a fair amount of clicks to the offer I sent a email out to my AM…..asking whats up? if there were any issues….etc….

at this point I am reviewing what I have done…thinking where did I go wrong…..what did I miss…..this was a real simple single-optin game 3 fields and I can’t get it to convert with clicks in the 7-9c range……

at this point its easy to think you have failed, money work and time, and you still have no clue how to crack this IM game, I mean you can’t even get people to play a free game… right?

here is the other side of the story….I got an email from the network stating…..

the advert ran out of budget and didn’t mention it to the network…..mind you this offer was not one of those offers you find everywhere….so it wasn’t like I could just swap and try somewhere else….and this network owner is a personal friend… it had nothing to do with the network it was at….the network is top notch so much so that they paid me for the traffic I sent over the weekend (why you should work with good networks)

point of all of this is……

I am not to proud to admit at times like this I have felt like I have failed or that I have no clue about what the hell I am doing in IM, as I have dotted all my i’s and crossed all my t’s…sure I have got "data" but in the end its still a loss and it sucks…..

its a very easy trap to fall into folks…we think by doing a great lp having great ads is all thats needed to make money in the CPA world….and yes that does help to some extent….but in the end what we all must realize there is more to it than that…..and you CAN do everything perfect and still loose…..thats part of the game we all play….


What you can do is recognize that there is alot beyond your control…..and accept that its NOT failure and just a part of this biz….

that is 100% under your control……

many people give up or quit IM entirely because they are unwilling to accept or acknowledge that simple fact…..

I am not saying its easy looking at the red digits with the minus sign in front, but what I would like you to do please do take a moment to realize that its not JUST you who has put that minus sign there…..revel in the fact you did everything right take pride in that

….someday that effort and work will payoff…

….quitting because of self-defined failure never does…..

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just curious how they paid you for traffic if it registered 0 conversions? did they guess the conversion rate based on the avg?

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Originally Posted by constantin

just curious how they paid you for traffic if it registered 0 conversions? did they guess the conversion rate based on the avg?

just threw me some cash based upon the clicks…..

good networks are hard to find….this is one of those good networks…..

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Wise words of wisdom from my favorite kind of pork.

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Can you name the network polarbacon, since this is a Private forum . Atleast PM me the name.


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If anyone shoved their hand up and shouted ‘Azoogle’ please put it back down

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lol, but I do like posts like this. A lot of affiliate marking is "trudging" through the tough times – even I have my bad weeks with little new successes. I just keep persistent and throwing shit at the wall, something always sticks.

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By the number of posts and the hour me thinks Ryan may be on a bit of a bender tonight!!!!!!!!!!! ;-p

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