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So…this isn’t really important if you’re just doing mobile CPA – then it’s all about cheap leads and lots of ’em.

But a post in another section of the forum made me think of this.

I’ve run a bunch of biz opp on mobile, and at one point I was doing it for a friend in direct sales who was actually picking up the phone and calling these people…

So after 5 days of testing & optimization, I got his lead cost nice & low, and ramped it up to 50+ leads per hour…

At which point he called to tell me to pause because he just spoke with a bunch of homeless people, someone who was obviously high on something, and someone who asked him to "hold for just a minute" while he completed a transaction with the guy on the corner.

So if you’re doing lead gen for yourself…

TIP: stay away from the pre-paid carriers in the US.

That’s all I wanted to say 😉

Oh yeah – here’s another thing.

So I was building my own biz opp list too…
This time collecting emails.

So here’s another tip:

Don’t do that.

Just kidding.

But just so you know, here’s everything that went wrong:

1) people gave me their mobile-only emails (you know, the ones connected to their phones). So any offer I sent that required a PC was pretty much wasted. With the pre-paid phones, most of those guys didn’t even have a computer at home.

2) people make a lot of typos on their phones, it turns out. Not good for deliverability.

3) Prepaid = low income most of the time. FYI. That’s mobile demographics for you. Prepaid visa card, anyone? How ’bout payday loans?

Hope that helps (someone).

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Hey liane .. im loving your posts. I wrote something similar yesterday – I think both handset and carriers are an excellent insight into the demographics of mobile users.

More generally, I really wish that affiliates would think more about how their targeting will back out for the advertiser. Long term rewards exist in adding measurable value, rather than concentrating just on securing a conversion.

Advertisers also need to pick up their game; know their metrics, track measurable results by affiliate and sub affiliate, validate their data, screen fraud, reward affiliates on quality etc

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oh yeah.. forgot something I wanted to speak about here in last post…

As an affiliate you should be concerned with quality. Tip: Ask you affiliate manager or advertiser, "How is my traffic backing out?"
Get them to track your traffic by subid and map it to their revenue targets. Negotiate higher payouts based on quality. What about a revshare? – this can be awesome for advertisers that work on a subscription model.

We have been able to negotiate payouts 5x higher than standard rates for specific placements or affiliates because the quality was so high for specific subid’s.

It can also save you, time, chargebacks, scrubs if you know that your traffic does not back out for network or advertiser. I remember in my early days I ran a campaign for a month, generating thousands of leads. At the end of the month the advertiser rang me and said the quality sucked and they would not pay. Not only did I lose my commissions, but I also lost a whole month of my time. This was a big lesson for me.

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What are the prepaid carriers apart from Boost & Metro PCS?

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Originally Posted by shanktank

What are the prepaid carriers apart from Boost & Metro PCS?

Virgin Mobile
Metro PCS
Boost Mobile

Those are the biggies.

A few other smaller ones as well…plus some of the post-paid carriers offer some pre-paid plans.

Just go to their website & look up pre-paid plans, see what types of phones they have for those…and that’s how you can target.

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marcus has a great point.

I have done that for couple years and I can not tell you how many good relations and offers have come from caring as much on their back-end as your front end (of course it has to be the right company & network too. sometimes looking out for some-else leaves u holding the bag. so caveat emptor)

even right now im having a come-back in a vertical I hit a wall with because of just that [checking the back-end quality]

so many ways to play the ‘game’ and so many ways to create profit means no one is right

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