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Just came across this doing some research into node.js.

Its a simple bookmarklet you drop in your bookmark bar and click whenever you want to comment on a webpage.

You can then draw, write, highlight and underline. Then publish to get a URL which you can send to your team. They can then easily respond and ping you some comments back.

There are other tools like this, but this one is FREE!!

And I Like Me Some FREE Tools!

Heres a page on the forum I commented on:

And here is the website:

Theres a chrome extension as well.


User Comment:
Lol or you could just use Jing…

User Comment:
For sure. Lol

But its not as cool to a "hot damn thats a shiny new nerdy coding thing" guy like me

User Comment:
how does it measure compared to

User Comment:
Bolt is better for editing webpages (ie removing things, replacing images, etc) which markup does not do. Markup is just a way of doing markup on a webpage, which again, BoLt is not doing.

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Originally Posted by el_jefe

Lol or you could just use Jing…

jing would be awesome if it didn’t fracken crash every 4 screen caps…..

they software is buggy as shit…..I think it has some kinda memory issue

and they have yet to fix it….

I use it all the time like all the time and i love it to death…..if it just woulnt crash so fircken much….

User Comment:
Oh i do love my Skitch…..mac only though.

But its just been acquired by evernote! So who knows, a windows version might be on the way.

User Comment:
Nice – I do stuff like that all the time for my team.

Thanks man!

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