Tip Quick FB disaproval tip

If your ads get disapproved give it at least 6 hours before you resubmit.

I’ve 100% noticed that when you resubmit ads right after they are disapproved (or even within a couple hours) they will be looked at pretty fast and disapproved again 90% of the time.

I’ve also noticed if you wait 6+ hours those same ads will have another 50% chance of getting approved.

My theory is it goes to the previous ad reviewer if they’re still on shift or within a certain time frame because the previous ad reviewer has ‘experience’ with your ad and can judge it better than a new reviewer.

So in a little flowchart it’d look like this.

Submit Ads > Disapproved > Resubmit Right Away > 90% Will Be Disapproved Again

Option B
Submit Ads > Disapproved > Wait 6 Hours+Resubmit > 50% Will Be Approved

So whether or not your ads are against the rules, if they’re disapproved follow a plan like this and it’ll definitely help.

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I also got a feeling about images name when you resubmit, I get the feeling if you want some images to get approved when they’ve been disapproved often in the past, you gotta rename your image so it looks like something new to their system.

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Yep, I have the same feeling. I always change image name and url.

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I’m in US central time and always found that ads created (even shady ones) before going to bed (12am-2am) are 90% of the time approved. Any other time of the day and the same ad is 90% of the time disapproved.

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Word on the street is that FB employs an algorithm that compares the images you submit to previous disapproved ads from around their entire userbase. (I’d say customer base but since FB treats us like shit, we’re not much of a customer really)…

So yeah anyway, if your ad copy is different but your ad was previously denied (regardless of whether it was because of the img or the ad copy), it’ll be flagged as such.

Users on this form have reported that changing the hue/saturation of an image doesn’t trick this algorithm, only flipping (horizontal) an image does but that can only work once.

I ahven’t seen anyone try shifting pixels slightly or changing background color although that’s not always a desirable outcome

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Stackman is right, I use the same method. I never submit images that they will not approve. For mostly of my ads the reason for disapproval is ad copy (The content of this ad does not adequately reflect the product/service offered).

Also if you think that the reason for disapproval is the image, submit the same ad copy with an image that they will like, if you get approval then send the image with good CTR.

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Yeah I also always waited 6h before resubmitting the images again. Didn’t thought of the image names though..Will give this a go next time.

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I experienced this recently – hadn’t messed with FB in months – loaded 6 new campaigns, in a country I’ve never targeted before, with a foreign language. I loaded up 3 duplicates of each image following Stackman’s other thread.

Interestingly, all but 1 of the 6 different images where new ones I was trying. All VERY safe head shots of females. The only one that got rejected, all 3 times in all age groups, was a headshot of a female that had once been in my campaigns and would jump between approve/disapprove on a weekly basis.

I’d guess that the adcopy being in German would have meant that non-us reviewers would have checked it, (so not reviewers that would have seen this image from months ago) and yet somehow this one image was the only one getting disapproved.

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I am just in the process of uploading a batch of pre-approved images (used them in another campaign) and half of them are already approved even while still uploading (fb ad uploader).

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Yeah there’s a lot of reasons i’ve come across on why ads are disapproved a 2nd,3rd,4th, etc.. time, such as ad name, ad copy etc.. but this was just one.

If your really looking to get something approved after it’s been disaproved you want to follow a mix of everything in this thread to give it a ‘fresh’ start.
– New campaign name, ad name, copy, image, image name, have it not related to any previous disapproved campaigns etc… just like how you would ghost anything else in the world (new everything!)

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Originally Posted by ppvnewbie

I am just in the process of uploading a batch of pre-approved images (used them in another campaign) and half of them are already approved even while still uploading (fb ad uploader).

This is interesting. I wonder if this works if you "borrow" someone else’s ad image.

User Comment:
No I think it has to have an history with your account, the name of the file you upload and where it’s located.

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