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Got this infographic in an email from Brian Wong / Kiip. He’s the 19 year old dude that raised over $300k in investor funding for his new advertising platform…

Anyway, this is pretty cool. (Created by MBA online).

You can also view it here:

User Comment:
Nice info graphic!

Also – nice tip about kiip. Its an interesting mobile ad technology.

Do you know whether they are open yet for self serv? I cant find anything on their site apart from "mail us"!!

User Comment:
I don’t know, but I doubt it – they’re working mostly with big brands right now. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to send an email, right?

The way their technology works, from what I understand, is that they offer "rewards" for reaching goals inside games (beating a score, reaching a certain level, beating your friends, etc.). So it’s kind of incentivized, I suppose…

User Comment:
yeah its rewards based! which I think is a great insentive and could work well with the typical "ipad/walmart" submits / coreg. Ive just sent them the email. Ill report back when I hear anything.

The Article Published IN 09-28-2011 08:06 PM

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