Tip Want To Learn Good Email Copy…Read This

Ok I am no emailer……but what I do have to say is that if you wanted to learn one of the best things you can do is sign up to lists….

One of the best ones I have found is

otherwise known as "The Motley Fool"

I am sure you have seen their ads all overthe place ….anywho….

they have some awesome copywriters and you should def read there stuff you can’t not open their email…..

here is a little gem I got today…..

and here is the start of the body…..

anyways as you can see they write really compelling stuff……

ignore the fact is stock stuff you can swap the topic as you see fit….


Your health club membership may soon be worthless. Here’s why…


Your Job may soon be worthless. Here’s why…

insert any vertical you want the point is the same……

learn and earn….

User Comment:
We’ve just recently decided to enter the penny stock and micro cap niche and this info is incredible and perfectly timed for us.

It will help us a lot in our email campaigns.

Thanks PB!

The Article Published IN 08-09-2011 02:51 PM

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