Tips to come up with "angles" ?

Hey guys,

i have a hard time to com up with "angles".

Do you have some tips to get inspired?

Browsing special websites, or what ever? I just can not think of anything – i want to launch some campaings for real mature singles, but i really can not think of any angle it is killing me, i think i am just thinking to hard

so what do you guys do to get your mind flowing?

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i use checklists like the lifeforce 8 (book – ca$hvertising) to come up with angles:

I go through this list when I think about my prospects and note down their desires, dreams, wants, needs, fears and frustrations.

here is one example of applying it:

market/offer: online dating
demographic: women

1. survival – happy couple, with children, legacy
2. food & beverages – come home from hard days work and find men that will have a wonderfull cooked meal ready, eating it together, romantic, etc etc
3. freedom from fear – "did you know 75% of rapists pick their targets using online dating sites"
4. sexual companionship – dont need to explain this one
5. comfortable living conditions – date men earning 100k or more
6. to be superior (or in this case not being a loser) – suffering from an empty inbox
7. care & protection – probably something where a men protects a women
8. social approval – your friends think your lonely?

hope this helps

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This can help me in some way, thanks

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As you probably know i’m really big on ‘angles’ and i have no set algorithm to come up with them. I just try to think of things that relate to the niche/offer i’m promoting, and the only thing i sometimes do is search google images for the niche and random related thing will pop up, or turn on either the news or any celeb show like ‘entertainment tonight’.

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