To Build Or Not To Build An LP Right Away

To Build Or Not To Build An LP Right Away [Dating]

I started a new dating campaign today and made an LP matching what I was saying in the ad but then something Ryan Eagle said about using scientific method in the campaigns hit me and I realized I made it harder for me to figure out what works because I added another variable in my campaign and it took me forever to make my LP only to have it rejected and im on the waiting list again.

What would be a better approach?
1. Direct link initially and use the copy, image, and demo i made and then wait for the winning ad with a good CTR and then later make an LP in an attempt to boost its CR?


2. Use everything right away, LP Copy, LP image, Ad Copy, Ad headline, demo and all that good stuff in my testing right away?

User Comment:
Start with the direct link to establish a baseline to compare your LP’s to.

The Article Published IN 06-06-2011 04:41 PM

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