Toatl Prosper202 Brainfart!

Okay, having never messed around with PPV before, I have just started with a bunch of test camps and am driving myself nuts trying to track how many people actually click through on direct link pops. I am not seeing a clear distinction between impressions (which I suppose are "Clicks" in P202?) and user click through.

I can clearly see how many people click through to the landers I have setup, but I do not see where to track click through for DLs.

I have the Nerdy Affiliate mod installed and on the Analyze>Keywords LP CTR page I see:

But that cannot be the true click through rate?

Is the only way to find the CTR for a DL PPV pop by comparing the click stats at the affiliate network with the total clicks in P202 for each offer, then subtract the amount of LP click throughs?

As usual, I am probably WAAAAAY over thinking this.

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Well , you can’t really track click throughs if you are not using a landing page.

Since you send people directly to the offers page , there is no way to track this , unless you own the offer.

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Thanks Besmir. Guess I am just stuck in PPC thinking!

Do you know how to interpret the figures I pasted above? (not sure if you use the Nerdy Affiliate mod) Or are these numbers just screwy because it is PPV verses PPC?

Also "Clicks" in P202 are the true amount of PPV impressions, correct?

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In the pic above, clicks=views.

Clicks will always be equal to clickthroughs since you are direct linking.

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if you had a lander set up click the ‘landing pages’ link to the far right under ‘analyze’ in 202

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I do have a bunch of landers setup along with DL, but I was just letting my brain get in the way of thinking (not enough sleep). I was just stuck in the PPC mindset of looking for clicks to judge how something is working and I got so stuck on NEEDING to find this number I forgot why I was looking for it in the first place.

Thank you guys for the help!

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