Too busy? Or Don’t welcome ?

I has came here (STM) about more than half a Month. But I read a lot of help&Stories.
I can’t say i stand the door., But I felt myself better in "Paid Traffic"
Before,I did a lot of CPC,i almost has 20 ad_senSe acc. and try which kind website was good for Bigger CLicks.
And I fail also get some sucuess.(I am not good at english speak)

So,I join 3 Networks,One is Wolf(thanks ,boss is a good man!!) and yeahcpa, the last is EWA,

But i found Ryan was a 24 hours working guys.
I aim him about more than 20days.
But just got 2 respons.

I knew i am from china,also i am new to Cpa business.also "paying traffic"

If you don’t accpet ,plese let me know,just an unaccpet,email is ok,

please don’t let me just all waiting!


User Comment:
friend you have to proactive in this business, nobody care even you are as rich as mark zuckerberg, anyway welcome !

The Article Published IN 09-07-2011 02:26 PM

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