Tool for creating POF 300×250 & 160×600 for NON designer

Tool for creating POF 300×250 & 160×600 for NON designer ?

Hi, i dont know web design, how can i create banners for pof ? if i use designers then it would cost a lot to test the banners then ?

if i need 10, then maybe cost $200+ ?

if theres a software/web tool that can help this, it would be great



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Head over to and try to get into designing. For basic stuff you will get the hang pretty fast just do some tutorials to get the basics. Good luck!

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I would also say dont underestimate Youtube there is tutorial for everything over there, I am quite a novice with Photoshop but know enough to get by for stuff like landing pages, banners etc and learnt it all from youtube vids

At the end of the day for everything your hopless at there is someone (often times promoting their own business) who are awesome at it and if they are promoting on youtube you gonna get excelent content free , love that free shit

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Remember that the really polished banners get outperformed by amateur-looking ones. Microsoft Paint is all you need to make an effective banner

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If you are serious about display adevrtising you need the basic graphic skills.

If not, go for text based ads instead. On POF you will need a constant supply of fresh creatives to keep your campaigns alive. If you have to pay someone $10/banner you will never be profitable.

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If you want to see some of the most effective DR ads of ALL TIME then google Lower My Bills ads. They have some of the ugliest craziest ads around and the company is a huge lead gen entity. Dancing aliens, youtube, state license, weird faces, drop down menus, all came from them, affs just jack their innovative tactics.

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Ugly beats Pretty. You just need to know how to write text and copy paste images, forget about gradients, levels and adjustments.

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

Ugly beats Pretty. You just need to know how to write text and copy paste images, forget about gradients, levels and adjustments.

So what changes do you make to images if any? I read your nice Photoshop tutorial for images. With the borders and raising out the backgrounds..

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good creatives usually work off the bat. There are tricks that you can use to make it even better and gradients, boarders ec. can give you a nice bump in CTR but it usually won;t make or break the creative.

Strong message. Strong image. the rest is details

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Some say that Images are the most important part of the Ad (all formats) and have 80% of Importance.

I have seen from my practice that it is not so.

1) Even ONE word in the Ad can decrease CTR twice.

2) People "still read". They will not read VERY LARGE text, if they suppose will not be interesting for them, but they will definitely read EVERY WORD in your Ads.

3) Old true: Image is attention (CTR), Text is persuasion (CR)

Think of your Ads not only in the terms of CTR. You can have it high, but see zero conversions.

Think in terms of ALLIANCE of both CTR and CR. So, the most important metric will be EPC (earn per click)

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Hey Angry Russian Thanks for outing Lower My Bills! Just googled it and found tons of impressive and ugly ads. Any more suggestions? =]

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Or, you can just learn photoshop? It’s worth it if you want to get good at this. What you can do yourself in the beginning, you should do.

Here are a few tutorials to get you started:

Ad Making: Touch-Up, Crop, and Resize in less than 30 seconds!
Photoshop Batch Processing (File > Automate > Batch)

Also check the STM design section.


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