Top Ad Servers / Trackers By Page Views

With a little help of google, here is some useful data if your looking for new traffic sources.

Based on a list of over 600 trackers/adservers, here are the top ones based on Google Ad Planner data (Page Views Per Month)

Not all of these are ad networks, but some probably warrant further investigation.

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Oh and here is another useful list:

100 most popular tracking elements. Here is the top 10:

1. Google Analytics
2. Google Adsense
3. Facebook Social Plugins
4. Quantcast
5. DoubleClick
6. Facebook Connect
7. Comscore Beacon
8. Omniture
9. AddThis
10. OpenX

Bold ones are adservers/networks.

Theres a browser plugin that will show you when you browse whats tracking you:

Useful when you want to find out who’s serving the ads on a particular page.

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tjin, I like the way you roll.

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very nice work

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Google Ad Planner is dumb how it categorizes things. Xtend Media is NOT "South Asian Music" lol

Thanks for the share.

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TIJN awesome friggin resource!

let me add this:

TOP MOBILE…r_Market_Share

TOP SERP…ngine_Rankings

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