topic request: FTC guidelines in n00b explination etc etc

I wanna request a topic about the new FTC guidelines in n00b language and what to do, what not to do, examples, what it means for US affiliates and international affiliates etc etc.

I, and i am sure others, are still confused about the new FTC rules, some say you can still run stuff by doing some adjustment, other say you can not do flogs, farticales etc without any REAL testimonials etc etc

any thoughts about this ?

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He Marco

This is a great idea.

Im no FTC expert but here are some things to help:

Nicky Cakes summary of FTC webinar by A4D

The webinar replay (audio)

A "compliant" flog

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Tijn thanks alot man. I’ll check it out

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noob explanation: don’t lie!

common sense rules.

also, read up a bit on trademarks.

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I spent a lot of time looking into this at well and posted my thoughts in this thread.…you-have/page2

Summary: How much risk are you willing to take on. Pretty much if anything on your lander is made up (with or without your knowledge) you can still be held liable.

The Article Published IN 05-18-2011 06:25 PM

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