Tracking A Link On Fb Ads

This is the most frustrating problem ever….

I just got my first big profitable fb campaign, and now I have problems with tracking.

What I need to do is have one tracking link that allows me to edit the redirect. I tried using tracking202, but facebook blocks it because it’s t202.

I tried using a redirect html script on one of my websites, but it takes about 2 seconds to load on hostgator.

What are my options at this point?

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why don’t you track using cpvlab, get a decent vps, else you’re throwing money down the drain

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I used to think fb blocks tracking links but that isn’t true. Did they state you can’t use tracking202? I’m using cpvlab.
I think the problem is with the destination url. What are you trying to run?

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You should be fine using a self hosted install of t202 or cpvlab.

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You could use all sorts of things – t202, CPVlab, a simple PHP header redirect, html + javascript refresh + meta refresh, website optimisers with a test splitting traffic to multiple URLs, etc.

I believe if you read FB’s advert guidelines they state that the destination URL must be the same as the domain in the ad, but I don’t think this applies to tracking links. I’ve used tracking links before that show up and redirect, no problems.

If you want to have fast redirects you really need to get off shared hosting…. Also, what html redirect script are you using? Are you sure the timeout is set really low?

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this is my redirect script

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">

simple, but it gets shit done

thanks for all the help guys. i’ll be installing prosper202 on a vps. and will check out cpvlab

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