Tracking campaign

I have read some posts on the forum and I see that nobody is talking about keywords optimization, but landing page optimization.
Do I have to start with landing page and then track keywords/url conversions?

Second question:
Some weeks ago I started working with LI and used prosper202 to track LP CTR and keywords. It worked well when I used direct linking. Now I’d like to start using landing pages.
I read that I have to add %KEYWORD% to the prosper generated landing page url.
The affiliate link on the landing page is redirection php file with prosper php code.
The problem is that I see %KEYWORD% in prosper instead of real keywords.

The same %KEYWORD% is working well for direct linking.

Does anybody work with prosper and can help me to set it up for lp?

The Article Published IN 08-04-2011 02:51 PM

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