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Hi folks,

I’m brand new to this and wanted to know if you can track a Clickbank offer in P202. I just launched my first PPV campaign ever (I spent a whopping $0.25 and only targeted 100 URLs just to get my feet wet) and am sending traffic to Clickbank but I’m flying blind as I don’t think I can really track anything. Is there a way to do it and/or should I just stick to targeting CPA offers with PPV traffic?


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You could add ?tid= parameter in you clickbank hop link. Then in the clickbank report, copy those converting tid(s). In CPVLab I would just copy/paste those converting those tid(s) and I can see which targets are giving me conversions.. Not sure about p202 though

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1. When creating your Clickbank tracking link, put "x" (or any other character) in Tracking ID field.

2. You will get the link looking smth like this:

3. Replace X with [[subid]] in P202

4. Add a tracking parameter to your P202 link ({keyword} for PPC, {{sm_vurl}} or smth else for CPV)

5. Copy/paste TIDs that converted from Clickbank Analytics to your P202 account

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