tracking domain, pixel domain and LP

Hi all,
just got a quick question: I’ve got 2 domains, one for p202 tracking and one for pixel tracking with SSL certificate. On which domain should I put my landing pages?

also, is it wise to put both domains on the same server?

many thanks…

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I generally put my landing pages on the same domain as tracker , has worked well so far.

Just make sure you don’t user https when serving your landing pages , slows things down.

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thanks for the help although I just realized I didn’t ask a good question!

let’s say is my tracking domain and I’ve also got a SSL certificate on it. and let’s say I’ve got another domain

Initially I was planning to do all tracking on and put all landers on

are you saying that I only need ONE DOMAIN to do both tracking and hosting landers?

what are the pros and cons? I’ve heard that the best practice would be one domain for tracking and one domain for landers but not sure why…

User Comment:
if an idiot bid on your domain that is for lander, you can always replace the domain, no need for the tracking domain, less hassle this way

The Article Published IN 07-22-2011 01:28 PM

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