Tracking LP sequence and multiple option in CPVLab

Hey, I cant make it work properly.

I want to track campaign build in this way:
LP1 ->LP2 -> LP3 with list of multiple offers to select

Everything is ok but when visitor clicks more than one offer and only one convert, it counts a lead for a wrong offer/option (probably one that he clicked first).

For example user has an option to choose from 3 offers. 1st pays 1$, 2nd pays 5$, 3rd pays 20$

When he will open two offers (1st and 2nd) but complete only 2nd offer, CPVLab counts conversion for the 1st offer.

In effect I got 1$ counted when it should be 5$.

Is it even possible to set up this properly with CPVLab?

User Comment:
It should be but this might be a bug. I suggest you log a support ticket. Robert normally deals with these within a couple of hours.

User Comment:
Dropped a ticket.

The problem is that CPVLab is placing same SUBID per one visitor no matter how many offers he clicks. So its always counts lead, for the first offer clicked by a visitor.

Ok I see what I did wrong. I’ve set my offers links to base2.php instead of base3.php.

Anyway with base3.php its not redirecting to an offer, but just to a blank page.

The Article Published IN 02-22-2011 11:11 PM

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