Tracking PPV "CTR" by Direct Linking

Hey guys,

I would like to track my targets CTR while using direct linking.

I believe there is a way to do this, could someone please help on this?

It will benefit everyone of us who doesn’t already know how to do this.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t get you. When you direct link, your CTR is 100%.

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When direct linking you are sending visitor directly to the offer page.

If you mean calculating the CTR on the offer page , that is impossible.

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Originally Posted by Nigel

I don’t get you. When you direct link, your CTR is 100%.

Yeah, actually it’s like impossible to track while you’re direct linking. I somehow think of a way out of my imagination like this :

Iframe the actuall offer on your own domain, when the visitor "clicks" on the offer’s submit button, you’re able to track it.

Some stuff like that, but this is just my imagination. I’d really like to track the CTR if it somehow can be done in a way.


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Not possible without placing code on the offer page, which no advertiser is going to let you do. You’ve got to use your own lander if you want to judge CTR.

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I’ve never tried this but I wonder if clicks on the iframe page would show up if using heatmap tracking?

Free heatmap tracking software:
Reviews of various products:…our-on-a-site/

CrazyEgg is also very good and cheap ($9.95 p/m)

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