Tracking with P202 and PPV – Different Ad Groups?

** Disclaimer: While I’ve ran a couple of PPV campaigns before, I’m pretty new at it all, so no player hating for my very basic question. **

Say I’m targeting 3 different sites – facebook, twitter, myspace.

I run a few of the Affexpert tools on each to get a decent composite list. I’ve set up 202 with the [[subid]] string on my lander which passes along the keyword. Now I wish to track and see which sites/keywords are doing the best and see which lander works.

Now would it be to my benefit to set up separate groups for each (fb, twitter, myspace) or should I just run it in one campaign? If I want to switch out the lander to see which performs in each group would I have to create 3 separate lander URLs for the individual groups? And finally for tracking… do I just duplicate the same process 3 times changing the destination URL?

Like I said… basic questions but saves me time and the possible error of screwing everything up! Cheers

The Article Published IN 07-13-2011 07:07 AM

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