Traffic sources that accept 3rd party ad serving?

Hey guys,

i’m looking to do so some media buys for a couple campaigns that will require 3rd party ad tags. I know some traffic sources don’t take 3rd party tags (e.g. SiteScout RTB) and some won’t do it unless you’re on a special whitelist (AdWords) so I was wondering if anyone could recommend an exchange, network, platform, etc. that accepts 3rd party tags? Preferably something that’s pretty self-serve.


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Most of the right media networks as well as the non self serve networks accept third party tags. I’d suggest trying someone like, adtegrity or valueclick… without knowing the campaign details can’t really say, but those aren’t self serve. Adsdaq may take some and is self…

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Thanks Matt, looking into these now. I had a contact at Adsdaq back in the day (doubt she’s still there given the average tenure of ad reps), looks like they’re called Contextweb now. Looking…

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