TrafficVance Contact?

Hey guys,

I haven’t used TV in several months and I did at least spend about 10k with them last year. I think they deleted my account as I can’t login. I also tried to contact them and it’s been a day with no reply.

Is there any contact for trafficvance on this forum?

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Hey ,

I really doubt they would delete your account.

However we have Grayson here on board , his nickname is grayson.

Hit him up and see what he says

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Thank you bbrock – I contacted him just now.

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Anyone having problems with Traffic Vance today?

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I still haven’t heard any reply from Grayson on here, nor from my voicemails or calls or emails to them.. I don’t understand.. Is trafficvance’s support just gone this week?

User Comment:
I couldn’t reach them yesterday.

The Article Published IN 08-04-2011 06:00 AM

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