TrafficVance endorsement

Hi gurus,

I need some help in TV account approval. They sent me the following:

We are requiring that all marketers be endorsed by an active Trafficvance advertiser. Please have a current advertiser with a minimum of $50/day spend send me their endorsement.

Could gurus (or someone who spend min $50/day) help me?


User Comment:
we have no gurus here 🙂 did you try to call them or contact them via aim?..i never had a referral/endorsement and got into trafficvance within 20 minutes just by contacting them directly via AIM..i think one of their sale reps (grayson gold) is also here on the’s really not that hard to get into trafficvance they just want to be sure that you are serious and able to spend a certain amount with them..

The Article Published IN 08-05-2011 08:30 PM

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