TrafficVance sending random strings as keywords in Prosper202?

Hey guys,

I’m running an offer on TrafficVance through my P202 instance, and about half my keywords are coming through correctly, but the other half are showing up as random strings like:


Has anyone had this problem before? Any idea how to fix it?


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Go to My Account and change it to "Pickup Bidded Keyword"

I was having the same problem with AdOn and TrafficVance, and I heard Nana from T202 say to make that change in the settings

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Found it, thanks index!

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I am experiencing this issue with Prosper picking up random strings from TrafficVance in the keyword variable. The "Pickup Bidded Keyword" option does not appear to be able in the new interface. Anyone have a workaround? Thanks

EDIT: This appears to only be the case when TrafficVance sends a referer (e.g. or When there is no referer, the keyword shows up properly.

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Have you asked TJ support about this? They may be able to rapidly sort your problems out!

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I can confirm that the change mentioned above works properly. "Pickup Bidded Keyword" is a setting within Prosper: Administration / System Configuration / Default Keyword Preference

The Article Published IN 08-16-2011 09:44 PM

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