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I haven’t had as much time in the last couple months to fool around with smaller campaigns, and i don’t at this time either, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. I used to launch and test so many mini campaigns with random ideas. Some days i’d start working at 1pm and finish at 9am the next morning. I could get a good 6+ full campaigns up in that time and some worked, some didn’t, but when it worked it was a blast.

So many ideas randomly pop into my head relating to trends, niches, random things i see, and i never have time to do them all. Recently i have even less time as I’m working on larger scale projects.

Something i normally would be all over is this charlie sheen shit thats everywhere. Anyone involved in celeb gossip knows all about it (which isn’t me, but i try to follow stuff like this strictly for marketing purposes), but it’s not only gossip lovers, i’d say 20 people on my facebook have posted something, and half of them are not the ‘gossip’ type. This tells you that this story is now very mainstream!

Sheen has a very 2 sided audience too which is good for marketers. Lots of people like him (ie: mostly men 19-30) and lots of people don’t like him (ie: women 25-50).

Just thought I’d mention it. With celeb stuff there’s always 100 campaign ideas floating through my head. Sometimes i brainstorm 20 ideas and none seem really good, but i got a good 1 for Mr. Sheen. I know a good portion of you guys are with EWA, and they have a proven converting offer which is exclusive to them called: Which Celebrity Are You?. I’ll discuss this further in the next thread which I’ll give you the campaign I’d normally try running and hope that you guys can make it work.

So for anyone who’s not with EWA. If you have applied, i can try to get you approved. (I havn’t talked to Ryan about this so no idea if i can get you approved or not), Just reply here with your full name and the username you signed up with and I’ll give him a shout and see what i can do.

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I really like this angle. and way of work. How can i be up to date to this celeb stuff? Are there active sites about celebs ? I live in europe and never heard of this story and will never hear amarican stuff here.

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Well the main roadblock here is even if i do redirect you to sites that show you trending celeb news, you’ll never really be able to tell whats big from whats REALLY BIG apart. The only way anyone can who doesn’t follow this stuff is by living in the country and turning on the TV and seeing the same guys face over 10 different channels for a week straight.

Still you may have you own workarounds for it, so the main US celeb news streams are:

Whats extra funny is Charlie Sheen is on the homepage on all 3 of those sites

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Thanks for the idea and the offer to try and get me approved. I looked back through my emails and I see that I applied with them almost 1 year ago. They are actually the only network that has ever said nah!

I can’t tell what username I applied with but my full name is Michael Smith and business name used for application was Five Span Retail. Hopefully that will work. Like I said it was in March of last year as well so maybe that will narrow it down some for them.

Thank you for your willingness to help.

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