Trick to ramp up volume with FB ads

Hi guys,

I’ve been using this technique for over a year already, seems to be some flaw in the system.

This trick is especially useful if you have a profitable campaign on FB which is short term (e.g. competition will get huge in a short period of time or the campaign will end soon). Keep in mind your frequency cap will probably skyrocket as well, but it works. Use it in a smart way.

It’s all about the daily budget. Let’s say you have an account with a $5k / day spending limit. Set your budget to $100000, wait for 5 mins and check out your stats.

Only use this if you know what you’re doing, because you can blow through your budget fairly quick.

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Yeah it’s due to how fb delivers their impressions. If you don’t do that, last time i checked, they tend to do it this way:

Say your budget is $1000 but their system knows you could spend $10,000/day with that campaign. Fb will deliver it in spurts, with a big spurt right before midnight. So it’s kinda like… shitty dayparting you have no control of.

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Great tip man, thanks a lot! I can use this for my "trending" campaigns.

I’ll report back here if I have any questions

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part of the fb algo is "even delivery" so all your ads running try to deliver even over a 24hr period….your 24hr period starts and stops depending on the time zone your ad account runs on….some are on PST some are on GMT….

if you jack your budget mid day the algo trys to "catch up" and will send a burst of traffic till it catches up….

also key point here… large camps (larger reach) you can crash your server this way very easy if your not careful….. fb will dump imps of your ad….and you will see your http requests shoot thru the roof…..i have done this and my load times have dropped considerably….like form .5 sec to well over 3-4….and my cvr has dropped accordingly….

also you can spend 2k in about 15 min….and not even know it as the ads platform doesn’t update fast enough and once imps are dumped….your paying no matter what you do……

so it works great yes….but it has to be used with caution….

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get your payout bumped first !!!!

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Your server or vps can’t handle surge of paid traffic, no matter how much you pay, there is still a ceiling for your server performance, don’t stress the platform until you forgotten you’re in the red zone.

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I do that pretty much everywhere. On FB with certain demos it can get pretty freakin insane though lol.

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I know this used to work, but I’ve tried it recently on multiple accounts on both the new and old interface and haven’t been able to expedite spend.

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This used to work a lot better a year ago. Now it seems pretty sketchy, like someone said comes in spurts and isn’t an even flow of traffic, but eitherway it definitely helps boost your spending!

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i’ve noticed FB seems to be much more focused on "even distribution" lately at least in my campaigns. And by even they spend then pause then spend then pause its frustrating.

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