Tricks and Tips for IAB Banners on PoF?

Hey there,
Launched two IAB campaigns on pof today.

Are there any differences on how you attack your 110×80 compared to your IAB campaigns?

What are some nifty tricks that you learned for IAB campaigns?

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Next week, I’ll be releasing a REALLY good tip that I haven’t seen anyone in the affiliate game do yet on POF

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Can’t wait. I think I am the only PoF advertiser with lower CTR on IAB than on 110×80……

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get creative and test around 10 completely different banners…then you’ll see what kind of banners work the best on pof..and dont be scared to test some really crazy stuff 🙂

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Thanks. Until now I tested one type of banner with different pics.

Another questions. What do you guys advice, when I target someting totally new, so new offer and new demo…Is it best to start with 110×80 to learn about the demo. Or do IAB from the start? Thanks!

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Have Ben or someone at the POF team to approve your banners before you make 100s of them, even if the ad got approved in the past.

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Originally Posted by numerouno

Have Ben or someone at the POF team to approve your banners before you make 100s of them, even if the ad got approved in the past.

Damn, saw your advice too late. All my banners got disapproved . I’ll contact Ben or Shannon to get some more advice on these.

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Most of my successful camps have been with IAB banners on POF.

A couple tips.

-Ugly and flat: Bold easy to read fonts like arial, bright obnoxious colors, (doesn’t have to make the user feel like they are on mushrooms just simple bold reds, blues, greens, etc.

– Images/placement: I Use a few formats with success and it really depends on the demo and always requires testing. Sometimes I go for the "ogilvy" format
body copy

While in other cases I’ve done well (this is great if you use LP’s) with mostly image ads. Basically use that space as a giant photo with a simple call to action link (split test placing it in the corners, middle, top, center, etc.)

Borders: I haven’t really found any definitive results in my border color testing, but i mix it up with black borders, colors, 1 pixel, 3 pixel, etc.

Background color: Since POF doesn’t allow all white I prefer to test different colors and lean towards light shades so the text/images stand out.

sizes: TEST ALL 3!!!! 300×250 have tons of volume, 728 are expensive but get great CTR’s, Skyscrapers tough but cheap!
Each size has it’s benefits and Mr.Ben has often told my lazy ass to use all 3 to get the max volume out of my camps.

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bAM. Knowledge=dropped. I am launching some banner campaigns tonight and this will help me get started on my venture into bannerland

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Also, create a profile and start stalking some bitches, start paying attention where the banners appear.

For example the small ads appear in search results, the AIB ads appear on profiles and when you’re about to send a message.

So a good angle might be "Our Members 10 Times More Likely to Respond to Your Creepy Anthony Wiener Message"

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Skyscrapers appear inside the messaging window. 300×250’s appear wherever there is 2 110x80s to replace, and 728x90s appear wherever there are 3 110x80s to replace (I think, this may have changed at some point). If you run IAB you have to outbid all 110x80s on the page to appear. Bid high.

Also, what the Amicable Armenian said – get a profile and dig around. Good post about that over at Strov’s blog –…ding-profiles/

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"If you run IAB you have to outbid all 110x80s on the page to appear. Bid high."

Do I have to outbid all of the 110×80’s combined? Let’s say I have some 728×90 banners. If they bid $0.82CPM each would I have to bid $2.47CPM to outbid them?

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From my understanding no. You just have to bid higher than all three that would have shown. So if one is .80, one is .85, and one is .92, you need to be .93 or higher.

I could be wrong so hopefully Ben will chime in but that’s how I always understood it.

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Thanks for the link to the "read profiles" post. Great article. Anyone has any experience with trends on Pof?

It’s september, so maybe a "You like Dexter, you will love me!"

or a little "Desperate housewive" or maybe some "Glee" headline?

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Yah, it’s higher than all bids combined. For 728’s you’re typically looking at $2 +

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That’s not entirely true. I get great volume at sub-$2 in some demographics

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