Trouble getting GameTheory Paths to Populate info

I appreciated the great webinar Optimex!

I have setup my path with GameTheory and seem to be having issues getting the subsequent offers GM presents to the customer to prepop their data.

On my ‘select your prize’ page, my setup where I collect the customer’s info looks like this:

<td class="style3">First Name*:</td>
<input class="mreq" id="first_name" name="first_name" size="30" tabindex="1" maxlength="40" style="border: 2px solid rgb(130, 130, 130); padding: 0px;" type="text">

<td class="style3">Last Name*:</td>
<input class="mreq" id="last_name" name="last_name" size="30" tabindex="2" maxlength="40" style="border: 2px solid rgb(130, 130, 130);" type="text">

<td class="style3">Email*:</td>
<input class="mreq" id="email" name="email" size="30" tabindex="3" maxlength="40" style="border: 2px solid rgb(130, 130, 130);" type="text">

<td class="style3">Mobile Phone*:</td>
<input class="mreq" id="mobile_number" name="mobile_number" tabindex="4" maxlength="10" size="30" style="border: 2px solid rgb(130, 130, 130);" type="text">

then on the next ‘processing’ page where I actually have the Gametheory link iframed, I have this at the top of the page:

$first_name = $_POST["first_name"];
$last_name = $_POST["last_name"];
$mobile_number = $_POST["phone"];
$email= $_POST["email"];

and the in the iframed portion I included:

<iframe src=" ile_number=<?php echo $mobile_number; ?>&fname=<?php echo $first_name; ?>&lname=<?php echo $last_name; ?>&email=<?php echo $email; ?>&sid=BestBuy-Survey-TV&redirect=MyRedirectOfferLink" onload="location.href=’#’" frameborder="0" height="900" scrolling="no" width="100%">

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…would appreciate the advice of any PHP coders thanks!


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Hi Gary, if that iframe code is copied and pasted from your actual code, you may be having trouble because of the space in mobile.

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Thanks! One thing I forgot to mention, is that I’m running this through CPVlab. So to advance from the index –> select prize –> processing –> results pages, I have to use the base2.php links to go from page to page….any way to post or echo those variables through that cpv labs link?

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I’m not very familiar with those packages Gary (i’m very new to this all), but you should be able to pass the variables in the url string (querystring) in the same way you are passing the variables to GT in the iFrame

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it looks like to me you have your variables screwed up……

in the form you have mobile_phone then you try to get it via $_POST["phone"]; ….which it should be $_POST["mobile_phone"];

and you can pass whatever you want on the base2.php link from cpvlab….just ad a query string on the end…..

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Thanks Polar, could I have you show me a quick example of what my query string should look like on the end of base2.php? How would I capture that data on the next page? With Get or Post?



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&mob ile_number= should be &phone=

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Yep like what xrproto and polar mentioned, those two little bugs need to be fixed.

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Mmmm…. I’m having the same issue of the variables not being populated into the GT cell confirmation page.

At the start of my confirmation page I have:


Which definitely works, because I’ve tested it by adding

print "cellphone number is $phone";

to the page, and it does print whatever cell number you entered on the data collection page.

Then I have my GT url as:$gtkey&limit=6&email=$email&framed=1&f name=$fname&lname=$lname&phone=$phone

but it doesn’t pre-pop the cellphone number on the confirmation page.

Anything obvious that I’m doing wrong here?

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Just so you guys know , GT is not pre popping all the phone numbers anymore due to carrier’s restrictions.

So prob there is nothing wrong with your code.

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Cheers for that. You’ve saved me many hours of head-scratching!

Seeing as this is the case for GT, do you still bother collecting the cell number on your own info gathering page?

I suppose it kinda warms them up, and then they perhaps just think they’ve mis-keyed something when they get to the GT frame…

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Yeah , I still collect it.

GT said they still needed it to do some kind of validation.

Anyway , I should def split test removing it and see if that improves anything.

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Originally Posted by bbrock32

Just so you guys know , GT is not pre popping all the phone numbers anymore due to carrier’s restrictions.

So prob there is nothing wrong with your code.

It worked for me until yesterday – at first I thought it was my code but makes sense now.

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Isn’t this going to seriously lower the RPU on their paths?

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Wanted to chime in here — not being able to totally prepop phone doesn’t affect the RPU of our paths versus our competitors; everyone has to play by the same carrier rules when it comes to prepopping. For instance, we can prepop a portion of the number on ATT and Verizon, but on Sprint nothing can prepop. It depends on who the user uses as their mobile provider. This has been in effect for almost a year, so it’s nothing new.

The reason why we ask you to collect the number ahead of time is so we know which carrier the user has and we can display the proper terms on our offer. Each carrier has a different set of terms and conditions that we’re required to show. Without their phone number, the user will see that prompt that says "Please enter a valid cell phone number" so that we can get this info.

Feel free to reach out to me directly on AIM at justinviveli if you have any more questions!


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It totally lowered my RPU it hurts…

Edit: nevermind just read Justin’s post.

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