Tutorial Formatting PPV Pops As Website Notices Guide!

Formatting PPV Pops As Website Notices

We all know about formatting your pop around the design of a website, but what about making it look like a website ‘notice’? Since a ‘website notice’ seems natural to popup it gives a sense of security to the user that it’s a legitimate popup from the site itself. (The less professional it looks i noticed the better it will perform)

There’s some legalities here especially when using the name/logo of the site. I did these a while back, and didn’t care that much. If i was to do it again i would just make it look identical to the site in a more ‘amateurish’ way, and i wouldn’t use any logos!

Some ideas i tried that didn’t work:
Ellen Degeneres > Female Acai
Oprah > Female Acai
Pizza Places > (win a free pizza) IQ Quiz

2 That Worked!
Craiglist > Chillis
Askmen > Male Enhancement

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*I tried a whole bunch of stuff on craigslist, but Chilli’s managed to perform the best. All restaurant submits performed > other submits.

How To Scale
Like most campaigns on PPV, this is easily scalable to other sites. For example: If you found something working on, there’s a good chance you can get it working on other ‘men magazine’ type of sites too!

There’s no set rules on what type of offers will work with this, anything that comes to mind i would try!

*Random idea i just thought of while typing this: Might work well by offering ‘leaked songs’ on artist fan sites as notices, saying they can only download the song to their phone.

*This is also done in a lot in financial niches, but there’s a lot of legalities there so I’ll let you think of those on your own.


Onto the main reason i made this post..
I’ve been running daily deal campaigns for a while (my prime was in Feb – April) and i had this campaign idea which i just haven’t got to testing over the last month, it’s a very simple campaign idea and would be easy to run, and even easier to scale. So i wanted to give it to you guys, have you run it and I’ll do my best to help make it profitable.

1. Choose a branded daily deal offer!

2. Choose a type of offer that’s very common on these daily deal sites; such as massages, spa packages, restaurant deals, etc

3. (Say you choose spa packages) Then find a couple major spa related URLs

4. Format a different ‘notice’ for each spa site (i would recommend NOT using logos/trademarks!).

ATTENTION: Looking to get a $90 Spa package for around $20 bucks?

We’ve recently been informed by Groupon that there’s been 40+ spa package deals <in your area> offered by Groupon so far in 2011. Want see what packages are available right now!


(Something along those lines ^)

5. Track and see how it does.

*Based on my experience with daily deals on traffic sources other than PPV, you’ll notice certain niches work way better then others, but a main factor of that is due to saturation. Just make sure your very targeted for this type of campaign.

*Watch out with quality, don’t send users to deals that will never exist, you won’t get paid and you’ll get instantly banned from your network.

Ask questions below and i’ll help out!

User Comment:
I’ve done something similar but popped over acai offer URLs the ROI was awesome wish there was more volume!

User Comment:
I tried something similar with credit reports, but it was a fail. I have a feeling it could work though…

User Comment:
^ It does work with CC report, but it’s very saturated

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