Tutorial Spying for Rapid Offer Testing (Part 2B)

Before you jump with joy…

this is not the main evening meal

Its more like a lunchtime surprise.

Its a follow up in the series on testing offers with high volume targets: Part 1 & Part 2

Update: Ive decided to remove the video because it did out landers which wasnt my intent. Sorry if you missed it.

Update 2: Ok video is back but Ive removed the section that was outing landing pages.

The conclusion so far is that the offers that are being promoted were:

* dating offers targeted at women
* daily deals
* coupons / saving money

With a mix of Direct Linking and Landing Pages.

Oh – and here is Dan’s post I referred to about Facebook suing affiliates.

Catch you soon.


Ps. Dont forget to thank me if you liked this video Not sure I can face you if the unicorn that farts glitter hits 1000 thanks before me!!

User Comment:
I actually just started spying like this yesterday (Ad Planner demographic groups, continuously loading the pages on a virtual machine)… and WOW have I got a lot of ideas already. Good tip for sure.

Confused why I haven’t done it up until now lol

User Comment:
Love this stuff man. Keep it up. Was just going to ask you about the follow up to this tutorial. Big thanks.

User Comment:
started spying today and I found a make money online site having the facebook kind of logo.I did get some ideas and been getting some free buttons,audios and some ideas.

User Comment:
How did you get the pops to come so frequently? Did I miss something?

User Comment:
Thats leadimpact for you! It pops alot

User Comment:
Can you give me a link for downloading the hotbar toolbar? Thanks

User Comment: should work

User Comment:
Hey dude, you really did out a lander. I’m not mad or anything and that was not my lander, but dude…..

PM if you want to speak more on this.

User Comment:
Gonzo – pm sent.

All – Video removed. Sorry if you missed it – but i dont wanna out anyones landers & targets.

User Comment:
Since the video is gone, I’m posting my notes. Not sure if they make sense without the video though. But better than nothing.

DoubleClick AdPlanner

  • Set up the filter from Part 2
  • Demographics
  • Use Composition Index
  • + Smallest sites most targeted to audience
  • Inventory:
  • + Uncheck "Accepts Advertising"
  • + Check "Include Subdomains"
  • Media Plans
  • + Select Lists
  • + Limit to top 1000 Sites
  • Sort by Comp Index
  • Export List (Show Rows 250)
  • Click Placement
  • Export to CSV

Upload to Google Docs

  • Substitute(a2,"domain: ","")

Go into LI and set up a dummy campaign (set it to inactive)

  • Lifestyle (Other) gives good bid prices
  • Add the URLs as keywords
  • (Doesn’t allow you to bid on all sites)
  • Sort by Rank . . . You can see how many other competitors
  • Enter URLs with high competitors and (and relevant) and see what pops up.
  • If it sticks around for a week or longer, you can assume it is doing well. (Landing page and offer) Click multiple times to see if they’re rotation offers.

AdPlanner Trick

  • Can use the AdPlanner affinity to see how relevant a website is to a particular domain.
  • Peerfly has actual domains as previews. (EWA has the tracker link).
  • Use oDigger scraper.
  • AdPlanner > Lists > Create Lists > Country > Untick Prefer GDN placements
  • Need those that AdPlanner has data on. (They don’t have a lot on sub-domains.)
  • Profile > (looks for commonality of demographics)
  • Research > Search By Audience > Set Geography > Select Media Plans & Lists > Select your new list > Fix Inventory checks
  • Go into Online Activity or Interests

User Comment:
great stuff inversion.

ive added the video back in now but this time with the section that outed landing pages removed.

User Comment:
The notes really rounded things out nicely.

I’m a little late to the party and had to go over the other threads and videos a few times before I got here and panicked about the "missing section". Not only are the notes a great addition, even without them, there’s a lot leading up to this that can be applied to other areas.

I really, REALLY like being able to listen to you "think out loud" as you go through the process, I watched it a couple of times, but sometimes just let it run while I’m doing something else so that I can grab some of that mindset. Invaluable. These "concepts" can be applied in many, many ways.

Let me play around with the Adplanner trick, I may have a question for you a bit later, but I may figure it out after playing with it.


User Comment:
Thanks for the motivation to do a little spying.

Question… I’m surprised by the number of sites that have a LeadImpact (via Hotbar) popup that is the same as the target site.

What is going on here?

I always that you would get nailed if you did this.

Is it the advertiser doing this? Someone with Balls? Some type of redirect… so the advertiser doesn’t know, although that would be fairly easy to track down.

I won’t mention urls since the outting policy, but it seems common on dating sites, as well as others.



User Comment:
@philip -> glad you liked it and ill try and do some "thinking aloud" more frequently.

@redondo -> not quit sure what you mean. Are you referring to someone popping a offer over as a target ?

It happens a lot and is a reality of ppv. If the networks spot it they wont allow it. But theres a lot that gets through.

User Comment:
Yes.. that is what I meant… Thanks.

User Comment:
Hi tijn,

Any change to see the spy section in the Video?

User Comment:
no man. i deleted it and dont have a copy

User Comment:

Originally Posted by lacruz

Can you give me a link for downloading the hotbar toolbar? Thanks

Is hotbar tool bar just for Windows user? I can’t seem to use it with mac

User Comment:
Yes hotbar only works with windows.

User Comment:
Cool thanks!

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