Tutorial The Absolute Most Detailed Guide To POF Ads! (Private)

Tutorial The Absolute Most Detailed Guide To POF Ads! (Private)

This is a summary of the Plenty of Fish advertising system and how to use all of it’s features to their full advantages

This was written by Ben At POF who’s the head of advertising. (this IS NOT public, please don’t share it)

I’ve underlined anything that is important

Anything bolded is addons from myself.


Name Your Campaign: When setting up a campaign on POF there are a few things that should be considered in order to better optimize both the performance of the campaign as well as the ease of use for the publisher. Primarily when a campaign is about to be launched its important to name it based on the offer you’re running and the targeting you’re using. A good rule of thumb when naming a campaign is to name it the Offer Name and the Geo Target you have chosen to focus on. As a result when they try to run a stats report the organization of the reporting is too confusing and thus makes offers much harder to optimize. It is not rare to split test many campaigns on POF so make sure you keep yourself organized.

CPM: when it comes to bidding on the CPM the general idea is that the higher your CPM the sooner the user sees the ad. So essentially if you are bidding on the same demographic as someone else and you have a lower CPM then your ad will be shown after their ad is shown. Thus, they would have the opportunity to capture the click and conversion. Thus, the lower the CPM you bid the lower the quality of traffic.

Something else worth considering is that POF has noticed that you can somewhat get away with a lower CPM if it is a more general offer, something that is designed to target a vast majority of people. On the contrary, if promoting something that is more niche (BBW dating for example) it is much more beneficial for the affiliate to have a higher CPM with laser targeting, as this will increase the likely hood of the user seeing their ad first and hopefully as a result clicking on it and converting.

A competitive CPM for US would be around $0.50 and for UK it would be around $0.35. they have seen people bid $4.00 CPMs and its absolutely not necessary and likely due to a lack of understanding the platformso dont do it!

Never bid in $0.05 increments (most people do this).. ALWAYS do a penny or 2 more to get MUCH better ad delivery priority


Gender: Male, Female (self explanatory)

Age: Self explanatory (huge effect on quality for the advertiser, a campaign targeted too broad won’t convert as well as one that’s targeted tightly). Age can be dynamically inserted into your ad with the tag {age:}

Country: As you can see POF is only open to USA, Aus, Can, Ireland, NZ and UK traffic. There are some secondary options available as well. when choosing USA and then choosing Not Equal to the offer will target all of the other countries except for US.

Marital Status: Single definitely not a main focus of trying to narrow down a demo as most people on POF are single. Anything else is a good opportunity to market.

Income: Also, not that great as most people will fudge the numbers.

Body Type: This one can be very important when promoting an offer such as BBW or weight loss. When promoting weight loss it is important to not choose Big & Tall/BBW as this demo is likely naturally big and does not have a focus of losing weight. However, if promoting a niche dating offer to larger individuals it will work well to target both A few extra pounds AND Big & Tall/BBW.

Zip Postal Code: when trying to target higher income it is more beneficial to use this parameter than the Income option. This way if you can get zip codes of higher income areas then the odds of it including higher income people is much more likely as the user is less likely to lie about location than income. Also allows you to use adcopy that would involve questions like Do you live in Vancouver? etc..

Ethnicity: Again this simply falls under the offer and its general targeting. Fairly self explanatory..when running Black Singles it would obviously make sense to target Black. Interracial dating is worth exploring as well, since 95% of the users on POF are Caucasian, it may be worth it to target an ethnicity and show ads that push meeting a Caucasian partner.

Intent: This one also comes down to the offer and how it is branded. Mate 1 is known for its racier images and LPs and thus arent built around Matrimony. In this regard it would be good to use something less serious . This is very important when targeting for a dating ad. It will likely help with CTR and backend quality when selected correctly. Talk to the Am for campaign details if youre not too sure.

Search Type: The main thing to consider here is that when choosing search type it will result in a broader audience than when you select an intent.

Has Children: Obviously works well for targeting offers that are parent related. SingleParentMeet, or even a CPS campaign of ProActiv (Acne solution whos target demo is actually the acne infected kids parents). One rule of thumb is that when someone says Prefer not to say on their profile regarding whether or not they have children 99% of the time it means they do have kids.

State/Province: the key here is that you can localize down to state or province depending on the offer youre running. Some advertisers have begun launching more localized offers and with this as an option the affiliate can much more easily target those areas. State/Prvince can be dynamically inserted into your ad with the tag, {state:}

If your using a landing page be sure to continue the ‘geo angle’ by having a geo script on your landing page as well.

Education Level: This is a much more trustworthy way of targeting that more affluent crowd/higher income demographic than simply asking income level. This is something that should be considered on an offer by offer basis. If youre going to run a Freebie style offer then the less affluent the better.

Login Count: This allows you to target a user by the number of times a POF user has logged-in over their lifetime. Generally, it’s best to hit the brand new users of for better conversion rates(low log-in count), low log-in count however, requires a high CPM ($1+)

Ben tipped me off on this one, the higher the login count, the cheaper the inventory. If you choose 200+ logins, expect MUCH cheaper clicks then choosing all logins or less than 200! (Think higher paying CPA offers here, rebills, etc..)

Session Depth: This refers to the number of pages the user views during any given log in. The best bet is to exclude the first couple of page views as the user is likely checking emails and clicking on a few people they think are hot etcthe mind frame of the user for the first couple pages they view is frame oriented. Meaning there eyes are very focused on what they are doing and they are much less likely to have them wander around the full screen and see an ad. Women typically have much higher session depths as they are the typically the ones being pursued and thus will view more pages. Men on the other hand have much lower session depths as they are usually the ones emailing and chasing. So when targeting men it is safer to say starting with a lower session depth is better. When targeting women a slighter higher session depth is best.

Religion: Definitely huge when trying to run a religion based offer. Christian Mingle would obviously be targeted towards Christians etc

Smoking Habits: Probably one of the more interesting POF factsSmokers have a higher tendency to convert on a dating ad than non-smokers. They are considered to be a more promiscuous crowd.

Car: Not really much to add hereunless promoting an insurance offer or car related product. Again Prefer not to Say usually means No in this case.

Profession: This targeting option is one that POF says works really well if chosen correctly. This is obviously on an offer by offer bases. As previously stated in Education Level the offer will in many cases dictate what kind of person you should target. This will likely include what they do as a profession.

Drinking Habits: 98% of POF users have Socially checked off when asked about their drinking habits when filling out their profile.

Looking to marry soon: Again this one comes down to the specific offer in question. If it was eHarmony then I would consider clicking Agree or somewhat agree. Depending on the offer and how its marketed should dictate what is chosen here. If youre unsure definitely ask your AM.

Height: Not very necessary unless running a niche offer targeted at the short or taller individual.

Games and Puzzles: This should be used when running a gaming offer. And when running gaming also consider targeting larger session depths, use a low CPM and obviously make sure the user says Likes games or puzzles by having chosen at least Somewhat like but more preferably love.

Hair Color: Dont target Bald for hair regrowth creams as they are likely proud of being bald as they have mentioned that in their profile. In some cases an offer will have multiple LPs and some of those LPs may have a for example red head on it. could be beneficial to match the two targets ie: choose red here and have them land on a LP with a red head. Same can be said for dating offers targeted at the older demos. Gray is an option and dont be concerned to try it as a target audience, especially for offers like Senior People Meet etc..

User Comment:
Add Creative

I figured I would use this section to illustrate some do’s and don’t’s for ad copy images.

1)The general rule of thumb for the ad approval team at POF is that a womans breasts on the LP or in the adcopy should not be larger than her head (that’s not a lie). Breasts must not appear unnatural either.

2)No affair offers ie: Ashley Madison

3)Nothing that portrays ‘sex’ like BeNaughty, or hook up sites

4)Bikini’s are OK as long as the girl is outside. Indoor bikini shots are not allowed

5)She can’t be in a bra and panties. Has to be relatively covered up

6)No noticeable nipples are allowed either and I don’t mean nude shots. I mean no hard nipples. Unnatural/very large looking breasts will be declined as well.

7)No mobile (pin submits) if they charge on a texts received basis. If it’s a flat fee per month, that’s OK.

8)Farticles, flogs and rebills are OK

9)No text and date offers, like liveLinks or Text n’ date. Same as mobile, if they charge on a texts received basis. If it’s a flat fee per month, that’s OK.

10)Less than 1% of the traffic is Gay, so it’s not even worth trying to target and its not something they see growing in the near future.

11)Among others, but you get the idea…any questions let me know

POF allows animated GIF banners but they have to fall under the subjective ‘3 second rule’ meaning the banner can’t change any more frequently than every 3 seconds. Also the banner can only flash for 3 seconds after three seconds it can’t flash/pulsate anymore.


Fairly self explanatory, however if no end date is chosen it will run until the affiliate cancels/pauses it or it runs out of budget.


Max Daily Spend: The amount entered here is the amount you are willing to spend per day on the offer. If you choose ‘distribute evenly’ then it will go evenly throughout the day and your ad will be placed and rotated based on the CPM you bid and the amount of budget/day you have chosen. If you choose ‘Distribute ASAP’ then the Daily spend will be used up as soon as possible depending on how broad the targeting and how high the CPM. If you target a very broad group of users (thus a larger base of impressions) and you have a high CPM then your budget will go very quickly as the ads are being shown before lower CPM bid ads and the amount of people is so large. Thus its important to make sure you target.

Frequency Cap: Refers to how many times in one user visit a person will see your ad. It’s important to have a frequency cap to ensure your ads show to a variety of people. The minimum is 3 per visit. It will automatically defer to 5 per visit if left blank.

Value of Conversion: This is the amount you will earn for a conversion on the offer you are promoting. So in this space you would enter the CPA of the offer you are running. This is optional and is never considered by POF, or even looked at by POF. It simply helps you with your reporting.

A few more tips

POF recommends that the image of the adcopy gets rotated every week. So if (for example) you’re running one ad, then change the image at least once per week. They recommend that you have 10 – 12 images that you can rotate in and out. This is what you want to do to maintain high CTR and a long lasting campaign.

Weekend traffic is usually higher (both in volume and in CTR)

Most ROI is via undiscovered niche campaigns

US is VERY saturated for dating offers

Average age on POF is 39 years old

Between UK and Canada – Canada has more traffic but UK performs better ie: more clicks on ads

Between 2008 – 2009 POF user base grew by 100%

As for foreign traffic (outside US and Canada); its much cheaper, usually backs out better for both advertiser and affiliate and there is still a descent amount of untouched volume at a $0.10 bid.

45 – 54 year olds are the largest demo on POF

POF is starting to see a lot more local advertising. For example ‘Vancouver Yoga Studio’ etc…

Top Verticals that they see campaigns being submitted for (Not in order):

Dating, weight loss, teeth whitening (declining steadily), gambling (Outside US). Females are mostly targeted with dating and weight loss. Men are all of the above.

I recommend using a landing page as much as possible. You will get higher conversions

Hope this helps!!!

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Wow Jordan that is one motherf**ker guide … printed it out to read when I have a break.

Now I’m gonna kill POF just by following the tips.

Thankyou for the time you put in getting this done – bet the eyes were hanging out late last night …



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great info, will try out pof asap -> this really pushes me in the right direction

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Unbelievable share. This intel is golden. Thank you.

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This guide will seem familiar to everyone who has been an EWA affiliate for at least 2 months.

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Originally Posted by Jorge

This guide will seem familiar to everyone who has been an EWA affiliate for at least 2 months.

yeah I can bet I have seen this in their emails as well anyways, great share

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Bumping this! If your using POF or plan to.. give this a read. Knowing this now will put you ahead of the competition, in a few months time this won’t be ‘fresh’ knowledge anymore

User Comment:
Gold! Thx for the tips….going to be using all this info to create my next POF campaign.

User Comment:
I’m a small time (trying to get big time!!) ewa affiliate and this is the first time I’ve seen this info so I appreciate the he’ll out of it. I’ve decided to make PoF my main traffic source for now so I will get a lot of mileage out of this. Thanks again.

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Originally Posted by stackman

Login Count: This allows you to target a user by the number of times a POF user has logged-in over their lifetime. Generally, it’s best to hit the brand new users of for better conversion rates(low log-in count), low log-in count however, requires a high CPM ($1+)

Ben tipped me off on this one, the higher the login count, the cheaper the inventory. If you choose 200+ logins, expect MUCH cheaper clicks then choosing all logins or less than 200! (Think higher paying CPA offers here, rebills, etc..)

Can you explain this more, please? I’ve tested it today. I added to log-in count >= 200 to all my ads. I need to lower my cost so can achieve a better ROI. I’m quite new to PoF so sorry for silly questions. But how exactly can I lower my clicks with this log-in count. It seems that it didn’t do anything with my campaign. What’s "eCPC Per Day" in PoF? Is it Cost Per Click? In that case it went even higher! Thanks for your advice!

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Thanks, very good guide as I am spending money on POF everyday.

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I was looking out for detail guide like this. It will help me a lot. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by bool

Can you explain this more, please? I’ve tested it today. I added to log-in count >= 200 to all my ads.

Basically, those people with 200+ login counts have been flooded with ads. It’s possible that they’ve either converted on the offer already (ie, you’re promoting Cupid and they’ve already joined another affiliates offer for Cupid) or they are desensitized to most of the advertising on PoF. Of course, that’s where your creativity comes into play. Cheaper inventory allows you to test.

On the flipside, those with <200 login counts are still "new" to the system and are generally easier to convert.

I figure most affiliates bid within <200 login counts and therefore the price for that inventory is higher. Instead of targeting specifically >200 login counts, try eliminating login count in general and see how that goes in terms of lowering your CPM.

User Comment:
So if I want to test >200 login counts how much should I lower my CPM?

User Comment:
I can’t really give you a specific number but start lowering it by a few cents and start seeing how much it affects the volume. You’ll eventually hit a place where you’re content with the amount of traffic you’re getting vs the amount you’re paying.

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Does anyone know how to pass the parameters via the tracking link?

User Comment:
at the end of your tracking link, where it says &subid= or &sub= you add the tokens

{gender:Default} {age:Default} {state:Default}

– show either the gender, age, or state (or the word Default if there’s no info – you can change that to whatever you want.)

So if your campaign is for 30-35 year old males from New York you can do this:


and that will show up like this if a 32 year old guy clicks your link:

Male-32-New York-ad1

Hope that helps.

(Sorry about the code box at the top – goddamn smilies wouldn’t go away.)

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@z6marketing thank you for your reply. Sorry for my n00b question. I am using Prosper202 and my tracking link something like this;…=xxxxx&t202kw=

Can I use those tokens and insert them like this?{genderefault}-{ageefault}-{stateefault}

Sorry about the smileys

thank you,

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Yup. That’s pretty much it.

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Thank you for your amazing enlightenment!

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What are POF like if you change the lander after approval? I’m not talking completely different code just replacing the BG image with another of the same name?

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edit: wrong thread. sorry.

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Fantastic post, got a lot out of that

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Wow bro this is fresh…

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this is awesome. Thanks guys.

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Trying this out now. Thanks for the great post.

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The information here is golden.

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