Tutorial WagJag – Canada (Daily Deal) Pays $3.25 – $3.75

Tutorial WagJag – Canada (Daily Deal) Pays $3.25 – $3.75

9597 – WagJag – Canada

Description: WagJag is one of the most popular daily deals sites in Canada. Drive your top traffic to either the Spa themed landing page or the food themed landing and get paid a huge bounty of $3.75 for every new user you deliver! Offer is open to all of Canada excluding Quebec. No Facebook traffic.

Payout: $3.75 / lead
Converts: Converts after the first page. Email submit.

Promotions Allowed: Downloadable Software, Paid Search, Web
Countries Allowed: Canada

*This is definitely worth a shot on adwords/yahoo!


Want to promote this offer on Facebook? Which you do!
Then search around a few other networks and some allow Facebook. It’s definitely worth the work to sign up to a new network to get this offer. To get a much faster approval, right after you signup call the network and tell them you do big volume on the KGB and Groupon offers, and you’ve heard good things about the WagJag offer and have a ton of traffic ready to send over so you’d like to expedite your approval process, if you don’t sound sketchy it works 100% of the time.

Prominent Leads
WagJag- Email Submit CA (Facebook Only) $3.25

There’s a few others as well.
Wagjag is well known is Canada and i’ve played with it before, conversion rates are good!


In other news, i went over my dialup cap today, and I’ve now been downgraded to 4.4k internet. Literally took 25 minutes to load the pages to make this thread. I’ll be back tomorrow this time hopefully with proper internet (modem is supposed to be installed then). The internet options where i am are absolutely insane and have been destroying my workload. It’s extremely frustrating, so if I’ve been lacking in the forums a bit this is why.

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Prominent leads?

User Comment:
The first offer for $3.75 is with Neverblue (but no facebook allowed),
Prominent leads and a few other smaller networks have the same offer witth ‘facebook allowed’ as a promotion method

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What angles would be good for these types of offers other than, Spa or Food themed LPs?

Im just looking through all these threads and trying to get angle ideas for different types of offers. I think thats the hardest part for me but once I get it down i’ll be golden!

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Angles you can use for these daily deal offers is either by the way stack mentioned by using designer brands which would work out really well

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Like jroes said, or just search ‘daily deals’ / ‘groupon’ on the forum and you’ll find some gems since ive played a fair amount with these offers.

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