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Ripped a lander (quiz in this instance) and edited it, and uploaded it to my FTP server. On my end everything loads, but for my buddies, it’s not loading the stylesheet or something, it’s just unstructured and text, nothing loads right..

i upload the webpage as an html file and a folder of the files that go with it, just like what firefox gives you when you save a webpage. I used both firefx and winHTTrack to obtain the lander.

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make sure all your folders and directories are correct for any style sheets…..

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This might help you:

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Wow appreciate the speedy responses guys. Yeah I did it all in notepad but it all works fine for me on my end, but when anyone else tries to access it, it just comes up black and white, no style, no pictures. Why would it work for me and not others? Is there something else i’m missing or do I just need to start over?

I even ripped the site, made no changes, uploaded, same issue.

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so well here is the thing ……without seeing the page….can’t really help you anymore…..but as I said before….its prob that the link to the style sheet is wrong…or your image file is set wrong….meaning wrong location

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Maybe you skip some folder in uploading, like img or style….

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Yeah it’s most likely what polar said, the image or css location, or both.

If you’re not seeing any images then it’s likely the image location. Try pulling up an image directly using the HREF you have in the code. If it doesn’t pull up there, it won’t show up on your site.

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Take a look at the html source and make sure the location of the css file does not include your local PC path including the c: part.

My guess is that the browser is loading the css file from your local PC and that is why it works for you and not for your friends.

Only other explanation I can think of is that the copy you are viewing is broken but you’re seeing an old ‘working’ cached copy.


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Everything works fine now

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