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I just have a thought about making a list I want to share with you guys to maybe get some inputs if it is bad or good.

When advertising on Facebook and having Poeple coming to my LP and then send them to the next LP, why do I just make my landing page a Email Submit ? Get their Name and Email and start building a list.

Then setup a campaign on Mailchimp or Aweber and send them to the next page I wanted to send them to, maybe after a few days.

That way I build a list, which I can keep sending campaigns to for free.

I know the conversion would be a lot less but, but maybe the money I can earn per visitor would be a lot bigger ?

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Hello fellow Singaporean.

Theoretically that’s a very profitable thing to do,
but you have be able to front the costs for building
the list as you probably won’t see significant $$s
coming in for awhile.

You heard of pre-pop? The concept popularized by Jon
van Clute?

Might want to try that, you capture the email yourself,
and pre-populate the email submit with the email address
so that the visitor only needs to click "Submit" and you
get paid.

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Hi Epicskillz, sorry but I’m not Singaporean but Danish (Denmark). Just living (working) here in your wonderful country.

Actually I did not know that was what pre-pop is. But I dont think that is legal to use together with Facebook.

It is not the big of a problem that it cost money to build the list as long as it is going to give profit in the long end

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Hey Kprimdal,

Like epic said theoretically it sounds nice, and it does work and make tons of $$, but it’s not a ‘for sure’ thing. It’s definitely worth a test if your interested in getting starting in email marketing. I’ll give you some initial tips:

– You generally want to acquire the emails for 50 cents or less (PPV and Facebook will be your best choices)
– You want to acquire users in a niche where there’s a lot of offers they may respond to
– You want to show the users the offer/landing page to your ‘first offer’ right after they fill out there email. So now you’d be capturing their email and still trying to sell to them before they leave your site, this way you’ll still get a good chunk of conversions before your first email!
– Then you’ll want a sales funnel. This is a line of sales you have planned and written in your email autoresponder to send them. ie: 1st email will be a welcome, 2nd email will be something free, 3rd email will be a small sale, 4 email will be a bigger sale, 5th email will be a free guide, etc… You can work this out yourself and create your own funnel. There are a lot of different theories on how to arrange your funnel.

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