Useful Adwords Tokens

Everyone seems to know about the {keyword} token, but did you know there are ton more?

For example:
{adposition} will tell you the postion on the page where your ad was clicked
{ifmobile:[value]} lets you add a value to yor url if the click came from a mobile browser
{matchtype} lets you know if a broad,phrase or exact match keyword was clicked on

More can be found here:…&answer=178482

I’m looking into ways to have p202 1.7 auto generate some of these for you in step #7 for better tracking and data

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some good stuff in there! especially {creative} – i cant help but wonder WTF they were thinking on this one though

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Originally Posted by index

some good stuff in there! especially {creative} – i cant help but wonder WTF they were thinking on this one though

Most likely useful for cache busting…-does-it-work/

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ahhhhhh ok

i’m a beginning/intermediate programmer so that is good technical info to know, for me at least.

I was wondering how in the world could I use that, and for what purpose

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Hey Mr Baffoe, I have a few P202 requests/suggestions

-I make and test alot of campaigns so my menus are fucked up with noise, but I don’t want to delete them. Can you program in a javascript toggle to hide old campaigns but preserve the data

-Sometimes when I login, I was looking at lifetime data. So it takes awhile (unneccessarily) for P202 to grab it when I login again. Make the default to today’s stats only. And while you’re at it, add some menus for 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago, 5 days, ago and 6 days ago. Im always putting the date in manually and it can/should be a menu option from the dropdown. Software Fluency FTW

-Figure out a way to track multiple landers. Alot of times my lander is just a page that invokes an action, like a click through to see the "top 3 acai berry pills" or something. Look at Trutht About Abs. His best converting lander is the page where it says "MEN CLICK HERE – WOMEN CLICK HERE". That landing page. You know what Im talking about. It works because people invoke that action (the click) to willingly watch the video. That intial lander primes them for it.

-Our intitial "pops" can be ads to see a review page of the top products in niche x. A 2 step lander basically
-A squeeze page with a form on it. Thnk you page being the real lander I want to track. WOuld be cool to be able to measure OPTIN % in Prosper Without having to use GetClicky to do that part for me
-and last but not least, work with Besmir (the man) and get the Click costs uploader done. He has that shit as a beta on the forum. everyones biggest complaint is that all our data is wrong in prosper (since we hardcode in CPC)
-and oh yea, allow us to upload banner ads as well as text ads. I skip text ad tracking alot of times because I know I can do it by t202kw in the end. But thats a bitch.
-and again, allow us to program in our own tracking ids. t202id= and t202kw= are the biggest footprints ever. I can find anyones lander just by searching google smartly.

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