Using GEO & Countdown scripts.


I’d like to use landing page template from…-2%29-PSD-HTML

I am talking about Amazing Sushi Deals for PPV.

I found GEO & Countdown scripts on…-from-me-free/

How exactly do I use them in the code with this specific lander.

Is there recommended html editor? I am using NVU.


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I have issues with the countdown script myself.

I know you declare the javascript at the end of the header tag (</head>) – <script type="text/javascript" src="countdown.js"></script>

Then I call the PHP script later on where I want the timer to display using:


Problem is the formatting. While I want it to read Offer expires in: 2:00 it outputs like this:

Offer expires in:

I don’t know why it breaks to a new line automatically. Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully you got something out of this too Dani.

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lavish: post a bit more before and after that line. you may have a <.br> or a <.p> in there somewhere

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Sure… this is more of the code where I call it in landingpage.php:

This offer expires in:


And this is the code for countdown.php:

<script type="text/javascript" src="countdown.js"></script>

<form name="cd">
<input id="txt" readonly="true" type="text" value="02:00" border="0" name="disp" style="border:0px;">

I’d understand if I did have a break or paragraph somewhere… but I’m calling the function straight after writing "This offer expires in:"

I’m very confused

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Is your table row wide enough?

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Originally Posted by inversion

Is your table row wide enough?

Hmmm… it should be.

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Finally, I ordered scripts integration on – the fastest solution.

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Good idea! I’m on it.

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it shouldn’t be that difficult guys. are you having problems with other scripts (today’s date or geolocation) or is it just the countdown? i’ll post up some working examples in a minute.


<.script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

var sec = 23; // set the seconds
var min = 04; // set the minutes

function countDown() {
if (sec == -01) {
sec = 59;
min = min – 1; }
else {
min = min; }

if (sec<=9) { sec = "0" + sec; }

time = (min<=9 ? "0" + min : min) + " min and " + sec + " sec ";

if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById(‘theTime’).innerHTML = time; }

SD=window.setTimeout("countDown();", 1000);
if (min == ’00’ && sec == ’00’) { sec = "00"; window.clearTimeout(SD); }
window.onload = countDown;
// –>
<.font color="#b02558"><center>Offer Expires In: <span id="theTime" class="timeClass"></span></center>


just take out the dots in the tags and set var sec and var min to whatever you want the countdown to start at.

If you want examples for other scripts just ask.

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Damn… constantin – you’re a champ. That works perfectly. Thanks!

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Thanks, constantin!
Yes, please post some examples with other scripts.
In addition, do you have example of how to integrate it into image? My original question was about Sushi landing page template from…-2%29-PSD-HTML

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To echo dpol’s thoughts – constantin I’m never going to refuse if you’ve got more scripts to share! Thanks man

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np. lemme know if you need today’s/tomorrows date or geolocation examples.

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just share all of them

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