Wanted: Most effective/efficient way to learn PHP/JS

Title says it all. Over the years I’ve managed to incorporate basic php/js into my landing pages, without ever taking the time to learn the fundamentals. Can some of the experienced coders here please recommend what you think is the best way for an aff marketer to get a good foundation in these languages? Choices seem to be reading online tutorials or buying a book, but maybe I’m missing something…

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Diving Into PHP
Day 1:…-video-series/ (8 min)
Day 2:…nto-php-day-2/ (12 min)
Day 3:…nto-php-day-3/ (13 min)
Day 4:…nto-php-day-4/ (7 min)
Day 5:…nto-php-day-5/ (22 min)
Day 6:…nto-php-day-6/ (11 min)
Day 7:…nto-php-day-7/ (10 min)
Day 8:…nto-php-day-8/ (9 min)
Day 9:…nto-php-day-9/ (12 min)
Day 10:…to-php-day-10/ (16 min)
Day 11:…to-php-day-11/ (16 min)
Total: 2 Hours 16 min

jQuery for Beginners
Day 1:…-video-series/ (11 min)
Day 2:…ginners-day-2/ (7 min)
Day 3:…ginners-day-3/ (7 min)
Day 4:…ginners-day-4/ (9 min)
Day 5:…ginners-day-5/ (11 min)
Day 6:…ginners-day-6/ (6 min)
Day 7:…ginners-day-7/ (8 min)
Day 8:…ginners-day-8/ (10 min)
Day 9:…ginners-day-9/ (12 min)
Day 10:…inners-day-10/ (9 min)
Day 11:…inners-day-11/ (14 min)
Day 12:…inners-day-12/ (14 min)
Day 13:…inners-day-13/ (27 min)
Day 14:…inners-day-14/ (17 min)
Day 15-1:…inners-day-15/ (9 min)
Day 15-2:…day-15-part-2/ (28 min)
Total: 3 Hours 19 min

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nice one index!

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All you need to do is:

– Buy a book or read an online tutorial
– Study the code examples
– Make the exercices

When you done that:
– Think about some simple programs that you want to make, you will be surprised how much you can accomplish with limited knowledge.
– Study other people’s code is also a great way to improve your skills !

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I personally use w3 alot as they have that "test his code" area….so I will hunt for what I am looking for there then do some examples with the test code…..when i get it working the way I want i will cut that and add it to a snippet folder i have in evernote….

I find that makes it easy to refer back when I go "how the fuck do I do that?"

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write down what you want to accomplish first on the paper , then think about it, then think logically, then code it. always try simple program first. understand how web based app works help you alot.. it is much more on the fundamental side than on the coding side

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