Wanted: Questions for STM Coreg Webinar.

I’m excited to annouce our coreg webinar! Twill be on September 14th.

I will be MCing it as usual, and Daniel Henry will be spitting some money money rhymes on the m.i.c.

What I need from you guys is…

1. Any questions you may have about coreg.

2. A timeframe that works for you (please keep it in PST time).

Holla back!

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Sweet! My question for the seminar would be: What types of disclaimers (if any) do you use on your landing pages? Once the iframe hits, the coreg company will have their terms but does that cover you and your site? Thanks Leeches

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Would be nice to hear which coreg company’s you would recommend

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I feel like I should know this guy cuz he has an awesome first name….but alas I state my ignorance…..who is Daniel Henry?


why thank you Mr Green…..your webinars are quite delightful

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For those of you who are wondering who Daniel Henry ("Optimex" on the forums) is…he is what every 15 year old wants to be. Someone who can afford to pay for his own clothes, holidays and seasame street DVDs. He has only been doing AM for a year but is now doing close to $xx,xxx/week net with coreg. He is even nice enough to pay for his family’s bills. Nearly as smart as me when I was that age .

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If we’re talking about serious volume, what kind of average ROI are we looking at, for banners and ppv respectively?

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Daniel henry bought me a ferrari just because he said i was cool…. hes the real deal guys!

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0. Only 1 year in AM?! How did you learn how to do coreg?
1. Do you look at demographics when creating your front end offer? What sort of demographics gets a higher RPU?
2. Tips on increasing RPU?
3. If you do collect cellphone numbers, what do you do with them after they finish going thru the coreg path? What about the email addresses you collect? Basically, what’s your backend gameplan?
4. What’s the key to making coreg work? (the front end offer? the demographics? time of the day? etc.?)
5. Do you find that it’s better to have a longer path front end (collect more personal info, make them click more to go thru the pages, etc.) to get higher RPUs or a shorter/lower barrier type front end?
6. Is there a lifespan with the front end offer? (if yes, how long does it typically last before your RPUs drop drastically)
7. Apart from PPV, what traffic source do you use?

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Excited for this.

I’d be interested in knowing any tips for media buys with coreg. Not specific media company’s, but possibly how to deal with the media buys as a whole to make sure you get the right traffic, etc..

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Im looking forward to the webinar too.

My question is similar to shanktank’s.

What demographics are working best? (as in the end it mostly comes down to a mobile offer)
How are you getting around the "free" restrictions on the landing page? (Afaik, legal problems for the network if using terms like free)

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lol at removing my post. What rules did I break?

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Maybe show us your ways of tracking coreg, when to stop a campaign, how many hits till, samples of a working lander sequence if possible? =D

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I think they have been said but I will throw in my thoughts.
1. What ROI do you currently get. What ROI is acceptable to you.
2. How much day parting do you do? Do you drill down even further.
3. Any examples would be sweet to see to get creative juices flowing but get it if you are still banking on it and don’t want to show.
4. Do you push compliant LPs, grey LPs, shady LPs or a combination.
5. Do you list build or do anything with any user info you collect. Give example of how you work them after you have their info.
6. How many new campaigns do you push a week a month. How many of those succeed. How long does your average one last?

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Would love it if you could go through co-reg using mobile traffic. I know Silver-path has mobile paths.

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Also, would love if you can go through mixing media buy, PPV, and mobile traffic within the same path – front end to back end. Looking forward to this. As far as time is concerned 06:00 PM PST sounds good for me, just like the mobile one . Thanks Mr. Green.

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Please show all campaigns in full detail.

j/k… hmmm, I have these questions:

1) Have you ever been on the other side of working with and monetizing co-reg leads?
2) Do you typically capture the lead into an autoresponder as well as monetize with the path?
3) As mentioned before, mobile to co-reg?
4) As mentioned before, can you show a bit of detail on tracking?
5) Do the majority of your successful campaigns tend to be current event based?

Looking forward to it. Anytime on the 14th works for me.

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I’m looking forward to this!

1. What type of landers typically do well for you? Trends, quizzes, downloads, etc
2. Do you monetize any of the email/phone/direct mail data yourself?
3. Have you used a progress bar on your page? If so, how do you implement it?
4. Any other tips to get a high RPU.

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Was this webinar recorded? Would love to have a look.

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I am interested in recording too…

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