Warning: Facebook Is Getting Strict This Month

It’s nothing to fear, just be a bit more careful. This happened around this time last year, they become more lax from oct – jan because they need to bring up Q4 revenue. That’s just wide speculation, but either way they do become more lax around those months. I personally got a lot more stuff approved and I saw rebills getting through quite easily.

They might be cracking down on dating apps specifically since that’s the cause for most people banned so far.. benaughty/flirt/ etc..

So far:
– Riley (Affbuzz blogger) posted his account was banned,
– My friend just msg’d me 30 min ago and his account was banned
– It’s been mentioned in 2 network emails of mine
– Klax (forum member) just posted his account was banned
– sirob4 (forum member) just got his keyword targeting taken off his account

So just keep away from too much automation or any at all (under 100 ads a day will probably keep you safe), and anything that’s strictly against the rules. Otherwise i wouldn’t worry too much.

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Now this is scary…2nd account banned! 2 more left. I’m not going to wait until they ban all, I’m creating two more.

Things I’m doing:
cloaking as hell
benaughty/flirt apps

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just wondering if you need to provide different credit card details every time you create a new FB account? Do they check your credit card details and compare it with their database? hopefully not….

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It doesn’t looks good. If they will be so strict for a longer time, there will be probably a big ppv comeback time for a lot of affiliates.
Google, Facebook, who’s next?

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone. Are they getting strict or are people breaking the rules more than than usual? I mean in 95% of the cases of banned accounts people were promoting those Dating Apps. Those applications are clearly against the rules. Yet we all know of certain networks encouraging affiliates to promote them over and over. That couldn’t end well. If I were Facebook and I had hundreds of guys submitting hundreds of ads every day, cloaking and doing all kind of stuff to get away, I would adopt the same position.

I personally got my account banned too, a month ago or so. I wasn’t promoting apps but I was promoting the spanish version of Be Naughty (SeTravieso). In fact I even got a warning first regarding those ads. I didn’t care, for now it’s easy to set up new accounts.

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Well put. I learned my lesson by getting banned from Google. The opportunity for fast and easy money is often hard to resist, but I do everything I can to play nice with all sources my business depends on for revenue (e.g. traffic sources, affiliate networks, etc.)

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Well, I’ve been doing "fast and easy money" since 2006 and all I can say is the best thing I’ve been done and still doing. Nothing lasts forever! Niches are there always waiting for the new momentum offer.

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got my account banned for running flirt offer too. i was running it in the mid december and had my best days in profit so far on fb (1k $ + ). 3 weeks later my main account (and the only one at that time) got banned. I didnt receive any warnings although i was getting lots of disapprovals before. At first i wasn’t even cloaking and my ads were being approved normally, only when i started getting more ad disapprovals i started to cloak.

long story short, i got banned and left without any backup account! I have now 2 acc’s with different details, cc, pc etc. Havent run much volume on them yet though.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend to run these offers on fb nowadays unless you have some accounts to burn and have some system in place to create new ones with high daily spend limit. It seems like fb really doesnt like these offers

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Yeah, Facebook isn’t a fan of anything adult. That’s definitely what they’re cracking down on right now. Also they’ve ‘got strict’ before last year same time. Nothing new.

The Article Published IN 02-26-2011 03:19 AM

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