Ways to monetize a site? Point me in the

Ways to monetize a site? Point me in the right direction …

So I just acquired over a site that gets decent traffic. About 10,000+ uniques a day.
It is a more techie crowd with a slight male bias.

Breakdown of Traffic:
US – 30%
Germany – 10%
Thailand – 5%
Mexico – 5%
Spain – 5%
UK – 5%
etc …

Any suggestions where to start split testing?

Basic generic dating offers? Email submits?

What’s the best way to maximize the traffic from different countries?

Much appreciated …

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This is just my opinion without knowing too much about he site… but given the demo you’ve just mentioned, why not diversify and try something different if that’s possible?

Its got great traffic going to an audience that are techies, do they really want to have dating offers pushed to them, or email submits?

If it were my site, and say a wordpress site, you could look at the subject matter of the site, what are the users interested in? with a little keyword research within the niche you could build some decent content/reviews (outsource it to wherever), find affiliate products which are more related to the demo/content and add affiliate links in your content and make monies. on the traffic you’re getting you’ll get some decent income I would suspect, and if you build authority with your content you’ll get more followers.

Add something like pop up dominator to collect emails and you’re building up an email list with out spending money on the traffic too… you can them sit back in the knowledge that when a cpv campaign fails you have a steady stream of income from there you can rely on?

only a suggestion good luck!

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You could sell ad space on the site with — they specialize in tech/designer stuff. With 10K uniques a day you could make a decent chunk of change just doing that!

Best of luck!

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I would try to find corresponding offers to the articles at the site, and then try to create a logic pathway from that article to a specific offer. The site uses this strategy very well. This is a good monetization strategy that works great if done correctly. In essence, you make the offers you are promoting part of the narrative of each article.

User Comment: is a Flog.

You are going to drive yourself crazy trying to monetize each page with only 10k impressions a day.

You can let AdSense run for a few months and use that data to make more informed decisions on what to run. They will do all the testing for you – and pay you!

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Thanks for the tips guys, got some ideas I would like to test out.

BTW, is there a script to deliver different banners by country ID?


If USA visitor —-> banner A
if from Brazil —-> banner B
if from Germany -> banner C
etc …

User Comment:
I believe Max Banner Ads has country based rotation.

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