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Hey guys,

I need some assitance as I am not really into fb I tried gaming offer for germany. The campaign was making some small profits (5-10/day) as the payout is pretty slow. Asked my AM about an payout but he rarely respond to my emails (AM of C2M by the way).

Two ads kicked in since I started the campaign. Right now the other ads are getting more and more impressions and clicks. These clicks aren’t as cheap as the clicks from my two "working" ads so the eat up the profit marge. Let me show you a screen first:

So what do you suggest on how to run this campaign? Pausing all "expensive" clicks now and run only the two ads with the stable CTR and cheap clicks? Or let them run, eating up the profit and wait until CTR determination is stable and giving me back cheap clicks as well?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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What i always do is:

1. I start a campaign with 50+ images.

2. Set a daily budget of $50 or so, depends if i allready know offer converts etc etc.

3. Then normally there are a few ads that get all the impressions. Like in your campaign the 2 ads you show in your screenshot.
I let these ads run, and lower bids. And al the other ones i set to pause.

4. When these ads i let run are dying out or getting to expensive I pause these ads, and unpause al the other ones and repeat the process.

5. after repeating this procces you have found your winning ads in the campaign. Now when the last winning ad you found is dying out, just restart the first winning ads you found , they will perform well again! repeat this till you milked out all your ads.

This is just my way of doing it, i guess other people have their own ways …

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Never thought of letting them die and unpausing the other one, THANKS man I will try this approach

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This happens pretty much all the time now with campaigns. Facebook immediately chooses a few ads and starts sending mass traffic to them before testing out all the ads equally.

– You can pause the ads getting all the traffic, which will allow the other ads to building up 10,000 impressions or so and then you’ll know your best ads. (I did this today, and it works fine 99% of the time).
– or you can do like marco said and let the top ads run until they start decliding in CTR, and then pause them and test out the rest of your ads.

*I like the first method better so i know all my ads that have a good CTR and can start working on new images/ads based off the good ones while my campaign is running.

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thanks a bunch for all the suggestions Now back to work

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