Ways To Push Submits On PPV Other Then The Poll

Ways To Push Submits On PPV Other Then The Poll Method?

EWA just sent out their email and they have some hot submit offers that they are doing volume on internally. Just wondering if you guys know of any other way to push them besides the poll method since I am trying to keep my quality high and thats near impossible doing it via polls.

Figured we could share some information since there is a limited number of us here

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I’ve been able to push email/zip submits 2 ways besides poll method.

1) trademark bidding
2) popping where it’s useful (ie when someone is investigating gas prices, you pop a gas offer)

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Like index said with #2, direct linking an offer within certain target will make you a good profit as is. It just takes a lot of testing to find a good solid group of target urls that will continually yield profit over $100/day combined.

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Another method which isn’t anything mind blowing is just matching ‘big niche’ offers to smaller areas within that big niche. To put this simply i used to run a gaming submit way back, i think it was for gamestop. Instead of targeting gotfrag, and giant gaming news sites. I made individual landing pages for a whole bunch of middle-class popular games, targeted urls only related to those games, then linked the submit. Quality was great and it lasted a while.

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What do you mean by made a landing page? Any examples?
Like if you targeted Call of Duty, would it be like Call Of Duty Fans Are Eligible for blha blah blah?

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Well i made a landing page for each game i targeted. Just like you’d make a landing page for anything…
I don’t remeber what it said exactly, something along the lines of ‘$500 Gamestop Gift Card for Age of Empire fans’ — ‘must answer this question below’.
Also make sure not to target any kids games, it won’t back out for the adv, i had that problem.

The landing looked very similar to the 2 PPV landing pages in my landing page PSD post, the landing page just looked more old school.
I don’t have any of the campaign, lost it along with a lot of other stuff during a computer transfer.

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