Weird Answer from SilverPath AM

I’m new to coreg – currently using Silverpath while I wait to be accepted by GameTheory. Today my AM set me up with a midpath that has their own hosted data collection page on the front end of it.

Every tutorial and every lander I see out there is running their own data collection page so… I asked to host my own data collection page (so I can do polarbacon’s tutorial) and be given a link directly to the mid path – and here’s the response I got:

The issue there is product fulfillment etc.

I will sent up a link for you that you can host the lander. But we will have to chat and discuss a long term option to ensure the campaign is sustainable and legitimate and minimize the risk of any audits and or shut downs to our mobile campaigns.

Is asking to host my own data collection page really that out of the ordinary for SilverPath? is anyone else doing it?

User Comment:
they don’t want to lose their short codes is what he’s saying cause someone offered a free walmart gift card and the carrier saw it and got pissed

User Comment:
Yeah nothing weird about that email. Some guys run such un compliant front ends that effect the path business as a whole.

If I’m correct this only applies in the US, international its still game on.

The Article Published IN 10-01-2011 04:50 AM

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