Went a little Niched-out crazy…could use some guidance.

I’ve been helping my wife get started on PoF over the past few weeks. I have very limited experience on PoF so it’s mostly the almost-blind leading the blind while referencing STM posts constantly (which have been instrumental in getting us this far, thank you all very much). Trying to get her on autopilot and rocking with the creation, optimization, etc. Anyway…

We found a pretty good niche/angle and have been running it for about a week solid now. We got a little targeting crazy on it, creating a campaign for each little sub-niche and in two different countries (splitting marital status, body type, drinking, smoking, etc), so there are a total of 40ish campaigns. and each of those campaigns has about 20 ads in it (10-12 image/2 headlines which are neck/neck on CR).

The overall angle is working and some of the campaigns are straight profit…others aren’t yet, but the volume is so slow it’s like 20 campaigns nipping away at the budget $.50/$1.00/$2.00 at a time. Not losing enough to make me want to just can them all since one conversion can turn them around, but losing enough that it eats up the profitable camps by the time the day is over.

I referenced agent007’s post last night on calculating testing budget and if I spent my CPM X 5 on all the ads we have running it would be over $8k…which sounds wayyyy to high for this niche.

She’s definitely unsure of what do do here and I’m only slightly less unsure. If any of you have experience dealing with situations like this or tips on how to untangle this mess that would be awesome.

tl;dr – angle x targeting every angle off that angle x PoF noobs = a lot of campains, up and down profits and confused people

how can I profit off these tiny niches/angles and not get eaten slowly by a bunch of small fish?

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If something is spending .50 cents and has no hope of ever spending more than that I’d probably axe it.

I had a similar campaign on FB ultra targeted with something like 100 diff targets with 2 images each… so a total of 200 variations. It got to a point where it was too much of a pain in the ass to keep track, so I "zoomed" out and just paid attention to how they did as a whole. The only thing I optimized was the things that were getting the most clicks/impressions the rest I just assumed would make money, and even if they didn’t losing $10 a day on them wasn’t worth the effort of going line by line, and like you said a few conversions and they are profitable again.

So my advice is to "zoom" out and look at the bigger picture of how they are doing overall and only pay attention to the campaigns or variations that are eating most of your budget.

Lastly, with ultra targeted campaigns I usually get very high CTR. With high CTR its generally better to go CPM bidding as your CPCs will be way down. Once you know your metrics you should know at what point you need your CPC for the offer to back out and then all you have to concentrate is on creating high CTR ads instead of tracking every little element.

Good luck

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