What Daily Budget and How Long?

What daily budget should I be using with say 30-50 ads (in the dating niche)? Should I run the test campaign from 12am to the next day (i.e. 24 hours)? I think my biggest issue right now is giving up too quickly.

I run a batch of 40-50 ads with a budget of $250, see some "winners"–ads with relatively high CTR of .8-.13 and try running all of my traffic to those with higher CTR that are still converting (and simply pause the non-high CTR ads), but the best I ever seem to get after that is breaking even or like a $6 profit.

I never really know where to go after this point since I feel my ads aren’t good enough or I’d otherwise see better results right out the gate.

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well not really knowing more its hard to say what to do….but if your not running lp’s that would be the first thing I would try……

I would suggest you start a follow-along….you dont have to spill all the details of the camp

but can’t help to much if the questions are to general……

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What other details should I provide? I wasn’t sure what else. My demo is males, single 40-45 in United States. What other info should I provide? Thank you!

The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 02:56 PM

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