What do I do in this situation?

I obviously want to scale it up as it can be very profitable:

Right now I am spending 20 dollars a day and if I up my budget the CTR stays the same but the avg CPC will raise and if I stay at 20 dollars a day the avg cpc will vary from .41 to .19

How can I make it more consistently 20-22 cent CPC?

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you need to start pushing down the costs. I would lower my bid to about .15 above the avg. CPC so like .35-37 cents and raise up my budget. If your CTR stays the same you should see a continued drop in CPC. If anything lowering your bid will put a cap on the CPC and keep you profitable. Raising the campaign budget will help increase your volume and impressions.

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Do this on all of the ads? Cause i have 5 of the same ones running

and by how much should I adjust the budget?

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your going to want to push down the CPC on your ads that have good CTR.. Not to plug or anything but read my blog post in my sig. step by step on how to drop your bids.

As far as budget I would do it in small increases like if your at $20.00 maybe increase to 30, etc. you just don’t want to go from like $20.00 to $500 or anything because FB will throttle the shit out of your impressions and that could hurt your CTR.

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Well from reading your blog, that helped for the first round, but now I am truly clueless on what to do here lol:
Stats for yesterday:

Stats for today:

Any idea why they are raising? Shouldn’t they be dropping quickly?

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CPC is way too high. Not sure what your demo. is but you must be picking a really expensive one to be getting that high of a CPC with a 0.20% ctr.

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The suggested bid has never dropped its still .60 to 1.25 and I have over 1k clicks at .20 CTR.

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if it’s in the US chances are it wont drop a lot, prices are just plain high there but that doesn’t mean you can force down the avg cpc’s.

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Well I mean what was the difference between the CPCs I was paying yesterday vs today with a bigger CTR?

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