What do you do in this situation?

My AM and I have been working for a long time to figure out why this would happen but everytime I run direct with the network my conversion rate is lower then if I ran the offer through another network that brokers the offer through the direct network?
I have proven this scenario multiple times on different offers, so I am just at a loss of words.

Plus none of the top offers ever convert and when they do my EPCs are nowhere in line with what the network has stated. I do not want to leave the network but I don’t think its wise to continue on this path?

Btw the network is EWA

(Only network that I have this problem with)

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Wait.. You’re saying that your conversions are far worse with EWA? Contact Birdman to have it solved

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Originally Posted by dantheman

Wait.. You’re saying that your conversions are far worse with EWA? Contact Birdman to have it solved

I was a bit confused as to what you where saying too. There was a thread on a pretty popular blackhat forum last month with quite a lot of people saying they’ve had bad experience with EWA, I think it just depends on the offer you pick with them, because a few do pretty well. The person who started that thread unfortunately got banned and all his post removed, so I’m afraid I can’t link you.

Archive of it –…fgqgX67r4.html

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Birdman won’t help me figure out what’s wrong. I’ve tried asking him, I mean I don’t want to leave them but this is nonsense

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Does anyone else hear experiencing the same? And have you had it fixed?

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I don’t run much volume with EWA, but when I was split testing their daily deals in, they definitely converted less than other networks. e.g. EWA = 10% while others = 20%. Probably depends on the offer though, because I’ve had some great campaigns on their network in the past.

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I guess you should just run the offer at another network since it’s converting better there which means more money in your pocket.

I’ve also had some great campaigns with them, but I found offers at different networks, and decided to run it there.

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I’ve had this too, when I’ve rotated in exactly the same offer on EWA with some traffic I’m running, and I struggle to get a good conversion rate.

I’ve pretty much stopped trying with them now, but do go back every now and again to see if things have changed for me…

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I think with EWA it just really depends on the offer. One thing I never understood about them is they will broker offers from someone else who is brokering the offer… so it becomes double brokered why not broker from the direct company who has it as an exclusive?

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A different problem that I have found while working with EWA is too many traffic "lost". A big clicks discrepancy between my traffic source and EWA stats. Click discrepancy that disappears when sending the same traffic to the same offer on another network.


EWA: FB says 1000 clicks, Prosper202 says 995 clicks, EWA says 750 clicks.
Other network: FB says 1000 clicks, Prosper202 says 995 clicks, Network says 990 clicks -> Big ROI difference.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t happen at the beginning, but after a while running the offer that discrepancy starts and gets bigger and bigger. Last time I was "losing" 25% or 30% of total clicks. It has happened to me several times.

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I think the evidence is pretty conclusive
Avoid them unless you feel like your getting screwed even harder at another network.

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