What does it take to have your own offer ?

What does it take to have your own offer ?

I’m not planning to have my own offer ( not in the near future anyway ). But just out of curiosity.

I’ve heard it’s a tough business to be in. But it will probably be the next logical step from ‘Super Affiliate’ to owning your own (rebill) products.

What does it take to have your own offer on CPA networks ?

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Lots of money

Beyond this, you will of course need something you want promoted. What this entails really depends on the type of product you want promoted of course, i.e. something like a simple info product will require a lot less on the backend than something like a ringtone offer I would assume (Can’t speak from experience on that…)

I am DEFINITELY not the best person to answer this question for you, but you can read my response while you wait for wiser words to appear here

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Originally Posted by duballa

Lots of money

not quite true….just depends on the niche…..

an email sub of some kind just doing arb isnt much…..a rebill on the other hand is a entirely diff story

I have seen guys roll these out for very little……most networks will talk to you on offers like this with very low pre-pays…..some as low a 1k…all depends the relationship you have….


you need to have your ass inline…..fraud is a big issue in this biz……you need to have a way to keep that under control…..1-2 bad affs can wreck your shit real quick……

on that note…..other people/forums that talk all about this "make your own offer" "lead gen arb" seem to leave that key component out

without a air tight contract on your behalf… can get fucked rather hard if your not careful…..

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don’t be seduced by thinking you have to get an offer into the CPA networks. its pretty risky since so many affiliates drive shit traffic, which you would then have to pay for.

take a look at that Truth About Abs motherfucka



you could start your own CPS (not CPA) offer for practically free. And there aren’t any scaling problems since it’s simple math. a percentage of the sale is paid to the affiliate AFTER the order has taken place – and if you go through a place like Clickbank, they dish the payments out so you don’t even need to worry about THAT either!

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Launching a CB product can be done for very little cost (aside from the $50 set up fee) – but having a GREAT product will still cost you some money (the risk just won’t be nearly as large as a rebill product, especially right now).

After the product, you’re going to have to spend money on two important things.

1) Unless you’re TESTED copywriter, you’ll need to hire one who is – and they don’t come cheap.
2) You need to have a budget set aside for testing and optimizing your copy so you can have a solid conversion rate before getting on CB. You want your affiliates to see conversions right away for your product to get a good reputation on that side of things.

Then there’s other stuff like planning a huge product launch (by building a large list – and sending them well though-out emails that will most likely need to be written by a copywriter).

To the CB masses, gravity is a huge stat (although a lot of people don’t understand what it means) – and there are ways to inflate it on your own.

I’ve also heard of various scripts that merchants have used in the past to rotate through various CB affiliate links (all of their different accounts) to pump up their stats when they first get on.

CB can be a lot of work to set up – but if you have the knowledge and capital, then it’s well worth it.

On the other hand, you could just set up an offer fairly quickly, get in on some CPA networks – and see loads of traffic coming to it fairly quickly (like polar said, quality issues are huge)

Sorry if this wasn’t clear – I kind just typed and don’t have the time to edit lol

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